Search engines Penguin: Article Promotion and Article Submission

Yahoo and Google Penguin has created article marketing and article writing and submission even more important than it was before. Google’s Penguin update is looking to get more variety in back-link options, anchor text and squeeze pages, and efficient article writing and submission can achieve seventy one. Here’s just how.

1. Search engines Penguin Up-date and Inbound link Solutions

What to Stay away from

The Yahoo Penguin update may penalize websites whose back-links are primarily from the exact same resource. For instance, those whose inbound links just about all come from Article dashboard will find their own ranking has decreased. These whose backlinks come from only numerous C-list ads, Google Answers content or fundamentally the identical publications will expertise the identical.

Some have written that Yahoo Penguin is the end of marketing with articles, but they fail to see the larger image. Certain, it does not take end regarding article marketing in case our submissions are all towards the identical directory, such as Article city or GoArticles. A few people have got paid a regular membership fee for submission web sites and really feel all their posts must be listed in that website. Undesirable transfer!

Good Action

If you undertake that post-Penguin, then your ranking will certainly drop! To stop that, you have to compose numerous content articles and distribute them to multiple article directory sites. If the bulk of your inbound links are from one document service then Google will reduce or eliminate their advantage.

In order to prevent this specific you must generate backlinks from your published content, not only from as many different article directories as possible, but also using their company types of publication, such as ezines, weblogs and Pdf file websites.

Not only that, but takes place home Web page Hyperlink to answer questions about the various ‘Question’ websites, to become linked to discussion boards, as well as to promote your services on C-list. Use internet directories – at no charge directories : to give you much more backlinks.

2- Significance of Anchor text in Marketing with articles

What to Stay away from

Never neglect which Google’s simple dedication is always to those that utilize it as internet search engine to discover data – that is certainly Google’s raison d’être, and those that overlook that will suffer. It is not the AdSense users rather than the Pay per click advertiser, however those looking for details which might be Google’s consumers.

Google realizes that its users do not need to see ‘Click Here’ or some other text on every individual url they appear throughout. Component of the purpose of the Penguin revise is to advertise variety inside anchor text to Search engines users, so that individuals seeking data has a number of HTML connected text they could just click on – and not just range, but helpful, so the anchor text need to echo the web page to which they’ll be sent.

Optimistic Action

You must as various anchor text as you can. Basically making use of your home Page brand or ‘Click Here’ will not perform. Try utilizing keywords relating to your content material. For example, your anchor text inside the Author’s useful resource section of this post could be ‘Google Penguin,I ‘article marketing,’ and ‘article submission’ when submitted to about three different backlink resources.

If you are submitting the same article to be able to several guides, you can a minimum of change the anchor-text for each a single, and as you are about to learn, also the landing page mounted on that anchortext.

3. Several Landing Pages within Article Submission

What you should Avoid

Another element of the Yahoo and google Penguin update is landing pages. There’s a inclination for most site owners to promote only their house Page. Google belie within justness their customers would certainly advantage from having access to all pages within a website, or at least not only one in the beginning click!

On that basis, those websites that typically advertise just one page will likely be probably to endure in ranking. Although Yahoo and google rates high merely individual pages, their listing position for virtually any lookup phrase can be affected by the standard of the website in general. If only one site in that site is being promoted, Google will be planning to list that page down below comparable internet pages on sites with numerous internet pages along with inbound links.

Good Action

Encourage several of your more important website pages on anybody internet site. Do not focus generally on one web page. Analysis has a tendency to indicate that if 50% of your backlinks in your article writing are to your house Page, along with the rest spilt among other pages on the webpage, then you ought to stay away from this aspect of the Google Penguin update.


To prevent the down-ranking that many have experienced using the Google Penguin Up-date, your article marketing promotions ought to a) involve article submission in order to numerous publication types, n) use numerous varieties of anchor-text in hyperlinks, and h) direct these hyperlinks to a number of squeeze pages and not merely your Home Page.

Editor’s Note: Patricio Garcia wrote this article. He works over at MisterCodigo.


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