Scottish Holiday Cottages By The Sea

It’s vacation time, and you’re wondering where to go. Of all the other countries in the world, why should you choose Scotland? 

That’s because this country located in the Northern part of the United Kingdom is home to the Loch Ness Monster, Vikings, castles, and glacial valleys. Read more about this country in this link here.

It’s so easy to see places and find great food in this country. However, it all comes down to priorities. If you have a 10-day holiday vacation, do you want to see the castles, mountains, and the rich landscape that this country has to offer? Or you may be a thrill seeker who wants to go skiing, canoeing, mountaineering, and kayaking?

If you have limited time, you might want to visit at least one castle, hike at least once with friends or with a tour guide, spend your time traveling to see the landscape, ride one ferry, go to the pub and listen to live music, and spend one night in the city.

Where to Stay?

In this country, you have a vast option of accommodations to choose from. There are the ever-present bed and breakfast, inns, hotels, hostels, or cottages that are located by the sea. You can know more about the best accommodations out there by visiting the Best Scottish Cottages website to see the best places where you can stay during your visit.

You can stay in renovated boathouses by the sea. The rugged flagstone floors and the total privacy will give you a sense of home. If you want to be near a lighthouse, there are cottages nearby that you can rent for a night. You can breathe fresh air and see a variety of wildlife when you go out of your keeper’s cottage near the lighthouse. 

Should You Make Advanced Bookings?

This is the most frequently asked question by many tourists who visit Scotland. The simple answer in the issue of should you book ahead of time is: YES!

Although the accommodations are accessible and they offer fair prices, some of them might be too far from tourist destinations that you want to visit. 

There are sparsely populated places such as Orkney or the Isle of Skye, which are accessible with tourists. If you don’t book ahead of time, you might have to camp out. But even campsites can reach their full capacity, especially in the summer months.

Other Places to Visit 

If this is your first time, you might want to know all the popular tourist travel destinations in Scotland. Here’s a list that can help you on your first excursion in this country

1. Edinburgh Castle – This is a historic fortress that is located on top of the Royal Mile, which is at the West End of Edinburgh. There are numerous historical displays, cafes, restaurants, and reenactors of weaponry and costumes inside the castle that attract tourists each year.

2. Skara Brae – This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Bay of Skaill. Read more about the Bay of Skaill here: This consists of eight houses that were believed to be built in the Neolithic era. The houses were made using a method called earth sheltering were the makers sunk them into the ground. There is stone-built furniture such as storage boxes, cupboards, and seats that you may want to see.

3. Scottish Parliament Building – This is one of the best free places where you want to go as it offers insights about the workings of the inner Scottish Parliament. Some tours let you explore the area and the history of this fascinating building.

4. Glasgow Cathedral – This is the oldest cathedral and building in Glasgow. The patron saint and the one who allegedly built the church was Saint Mungo, and his tomb is found on the lower crypt. This is an excellent example of Scottish Gothic architecture and the only one who survived the Reformation.

A Final Word 

Photo of a Man in Red, Black, and White Plaid Traditional Suit on Yellow Flower Field

There are a lot of other tourist destinations that you can visit while you are in this magical place of lochs, glens, and castles. While you’re here, make sure that you have comfortable accommodations and spectacular views. While you’re visiting, don’t forget the delicacies that this country has to offer. A satisfying scone, black pudding, and grouse can make your breakfast satisfying. Book your ticket now and don’t miss the beautiful landscapes that this country has to offer.   

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