Safety Assured – 5 Pieces Of Equipment That Will Save Lives On A Worksite

Worksites are fraught with risks, in some industries more than others. This is why we have health and safety standards and protocols in place, specifically tailored to cater to the risks faced by certain industries. By adhering to these rules, you’re not only creating a safer work environment, but you’re also protecting the assets of your business. These five pieces of equipment go beyond the basic health and safety guidelines to save lives on worksites:

  1. Adequate Light For Good Visuals

Finding a way to create the necessary illumination when there is technical work to be done, can be a challenge. If you need a generalized source of light that improves the overall visibility on-site, you will need LED light towers that are compliant with Australia and New Zealand’s safety standards. 

You’re not only reducing your chance of accidents occurring, but you’re also improving productivity levels and making it easier for your teams and technicians to get their tasks completed successfully. LED light towers are designed to meet the needs of heavy-duty work sites, like those of the mining industry. Source a brand that offers a 3-year LED warranty.

  1. Back Braces

For those who are frequently bending and lifting heavy items, the technique needed to protect the back is second-nature. However, even with the best health and safety protocols in place and the greatest care, workers may still strain their backs. 

Accidents happen, and they’re not always due to negligence or human error. In fact, an injury to the back is one of the most common workplace mishaps. A back brace can’t protect against serious injury, but it does help to keep the spine well-positioned during a heavy lift, ensuring that the back is well supported, thus preventing injury.  

  1. Warning Signs

When you have a regular crew, it might seem unnecessary to keep signs up warning of dangerous areas. However, clear signage at a worksite is a necessary element in health and safety because it can mitigate accidents so effectively. 

Even though the whole team might be aware of the fact that worksites change constantly, and they might all be briefed on what is going on, signage is necessary. It serves as a reminder and an extra precaution, protecting the company and keeping the site staff safe and the workers well-informed. 

  1. Safety Barriers

A worksite with heavy equipment and industrial machinery can be hazardous to the safety of those that work there. It’s not always due to a lack of care that accidents occur. Workers may be well aware of the dangers and still make accidental contact with electrical units and dangerous machinery. Safety barriers ensure that the correct distance between those walking past dangerous equipment is kept at all times. 

  1. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential to any workplace, regardless of the company’s nature or industry. The medical supplies your first aid kit should contain will vary based on the risk factors that apply to your staff. However, you should have more than just bandages and pain medication. There should be adequate supplies to ensure you can stabilize a person that has sustained serious injury or illness until medical help arrives. 

Keeping Safe, Staying Productive

The equipment and protocols that keep site workers safe will improve productivity. Operating a low-risk site in a high-risk industry requires excellent planning and risk management strategy that goes beyond simply acquiring some new equipment. Having these five items listed above on-site at all times will reduce the risk of injury and save lives on the worksite. 

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