Ridlr App Review, A Real Life Changing App

Nowadays Traffic is one of the biggest problem in our daily life as we have to face this issue everyday and delays or sudden changes in arrival time of public transports such as Buses, Metros, Trains and Monorails is really a painful experience for any passenger and work as cherry on the cake. So here we have a solution for you people to get rid of these traffic and public transport issues with the help of an app called “Ridlr”, an easy-to-use public transportation app that provide you with real time information (including delays!) about bus, local train, metro and monorail schedules, to help you stay ahead of time.

This app is exclusively available on Google play platform and works in three cities of India which includes Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

But is this app really a helpful medium for you and would it be easy to use on your mobile devices or not. We will discuss about different aspects of this app in review below:

Design & UI of App

Whenever I use to write a review of an app, I tried to exert more focus on design and user-interface part of the app as it is the make or break stage for any app. And if we’re talking about this particular Ridlr app, so then I would like to mention this thing that Ridlr has a simplistic design which allows you to use the app on your android device without any hassle as the app carries all essential tabs which helps you in finding fastest trip (between your location and your destination point), you can also view the time-table of public vehicles (including Train, Mono, Metro and Bus), you can also view the nearby stops for different vehicles.

Other hand, It’s UI is user-friendly and you will definitely be comfortable in using the app as its user-interface is purely made for users where you’ll find all necessary tabs for functioning of the app as it contain tabs such as Nearby Stops, Offline Timetables for public transports, City changing option, you’ll also able to change your privacy preferences whether you want your activities to be visible to other users or not, push notifications for your favorite trips, general public transport alerts etc.

Structure of App

In this section, we will tell you about the basic concept and motive of the app and how to use them in more generative way. So, Basically the app is designed for guiding the user about real arrival times for buses, trains, metro & monorail and allows users to find the fastest and most convenient connections and routes to their destination.

One plus point of this app is that it also allows its users to share their journey with everyone on Ridlr network by using “Hop On” tab when you board a bus or train to share its real-time location and apart from this, you can also share your location and planned route with friends using social networks and Whatsapp as well.


Overall the app looks perfect to use and have detailed, consistent and almost exact information about routes and time-table of public transport. As the app is currently available in three cities right now including Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore So if you are a citizen of one of these cities so then you can give it a try as it will surely going to save your time and make your travelling smarter.


  • Design & UI is good
  • Consistent and accurate details regarding time and schedule of transports
  • Mapping Guide is descent


  • App is available in only three cities
  • Low User Base in app network


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