Respond to Feedback the Right Way! How to Deal With Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are powerful. Before making a big purchase, 82% of shoppers seek out negative reviews.

As a business owner, online reviews can either make your day or give you something to work on. As a customer, they can give you advice on whether to go to a restaurant, buy a product, or use a service. 

When you receive a review, what steps do you use to respond to them? It is extremely important to respond to feedback whether it is positive or negative because it shows that you care. 

Keep reading for our guide on how to deal with customer reviews and respond to feedback the right way. 

Why Respond to a Good Review? 

You may be asking yourself why and how to respond to positive reviews? First of all, it’s the polite thing to do!

A customer took the time out of their day to leave a nice comment about you online so the polite thing to do is to say thank you for the review. Just like if they gave you a compliment in real life you would want to say thank you

Being extra nice when you reply to a comment will also make you look good when potential clients read the reviews. Reading the good review as well as your positive response can totally affect their choice to work with you. 

So make sure that when you see a good comment left about you that you take the time to say thank you!

Personalize Your Response

Whether it is a negative or a positive review, you should make sure that you personalize your response to the comment. It can come off as very lazy if you just copy and paste the same response over and over again. 

Of course, you can respond to each comment in a specific format or template but make sure you take the time to actually read and respond to each review that is left. 

A great way to personalize your response is by starting out with addressing the person who left the review. Point out something about their review and either say thanks or say how you will fix it. 

Responding to negative reviews might take a bit more time because you should put more effort and personalization into your response. Come up with a solution to the negative review for the client and your team. 

Make Sure to Apologize 

Negative reviews can sometimes get the better of us because we feel like we need to defend our business. The best thing to do is to apologize and see what went wrong from the customer’s point of view. 

When learning how to respond to negative reviews you should try to put yourself in your client’s shoes. Think of what you can say to make the situation better. 

Reputation management doesn’t happen overnight and there are several steps you need to help build a better online reputation. 

An apology doesn’t always fix the situation but sympathizing with someone over a bad situation can definitely help!

Respond to Feedback the Right Way

The next time you respond to feedback whether it is negative or positive you now have the tools to respond the right way. Make sure you take the time to say thank you and put yourself in your client’s shoes when responding to comments. 

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