Prediction vs. Analysis in Forex trading business

Many traders in Forex have no idea how the market works. Although this industry may seem transparent, many tricks need to be mastered. The trends are not what they seem to be and disasters can occur if orders are placed incorrectly. In this article, we are going to describe how prediction and analysis is not the same but investors think they are. Some fundamental differences are not seen or understood clearly until a person has gained enough experience. Sometimes, traders simply predict the trends although they believe they are analyzing price movements. This kind of confusion leads to errors which can result in fatal outcomes. Read this post carefully and identify whether you are doing the same thing in your career.


Simply put, it is the guess about anything that comes in mind. It does not necessarily need to be accurate but when money is at stake, you need to act differently. An example of predicting currency trading is simply gauging the patterns when they are moving up and down. At first, it may seem like a rhythm of how the price directions are moving but certain factors are working behind. An expert will first identify such factors and won’t make any hasty decisions. In Forex, the novices are generally found betting on their investment. 

If any trend is going upward for a few days and suddenly there is a steep rise, they will be a rush to invest all your capital. This is not how the industry works! This is found later when it drops and all your investment is gone and your account balance is nil. This is why prediction may seem to be working at first but in the long run, it always results in catastrophic outcomes.

Use the demo account

To get a clear idea about prediction and analysis, you have to use the Forex trading demo account. The demo account will help you to learn more about this market. After you become skilled at analyzing price dynamics in the demo account, you will realize the fine line of difference in prediction and analysis. People often think this market is more about luck. But this is the big fat lie. It depends on your skills. This is what determines how much money you will make as a currency trader. Let’s get into the analysis section of this article.


To manage funds like an actual currency trader, this is where things begin to get complicated. A trader will first read the news, analyze the existing trends, and use the indicators that were necessary to determine the dominant trend. If everything seems in your favor, only than can an order be opened. Till then, all are put on a halt. A key feature of the analysis is this takes a lot of time to open a trade. Many systematic processes are involved, such as reading the market insights and using different strategies to draw conclusion. Needless to say, the result is more productive and you usually reap the benefits.

How did they get mixed up?

This is a brilliant question because it is how the majority lose their fund. First, make sure there is no emotion involved. If a winning streak persists, still always analyze before making the next move. Never take this sector for granted. Try to keep a diary so that before every trade, a sequence of operations is carried out diligently. This is the analysis that will save the day if anything goes wrong. Also, in-depth knowledge is crucial to survival. Many online communities are glad to pass on information to newbies, so make use of that. It will greatly improve your performance and help you to rectify your errors. Lastly, respect the trends and always have a backup plan. If something does not work out it will save your fund.

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