How To Open Blocked Websites, Easy Way (Watch Anything You Want Online)

You must have come across some amazing websites in past that allowed you to watch latest movies, tv series, download contents etc. But as we all know that in recent time, the government of several countries is imposing ban to websites of illicit nature. That’s why your Internet Service Provider tend to block your access to some of your favorite websites.

For instance; In India, multiple censored content sites are blocked by ISPs after India’s telecoms ministry order. And you must have noticed, whenever you’ll try to access those blocked sites, you will see a notification like;

“Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact the administrator for more information.”

See, there are plenty of methods available to escape those barriers by ISPs So that you can access any website you want. But I have seen many of those methods are full of technical jargons. Also, they are quite difficult for laymen to understand and implement correctly.

So In this article, I have eliminated those complex method and kept only the easiest one which you can easily relate to;

Method 1: ‘Refresh’ Websites for 5 to 6 times

That’s the easiest way to access those blocked sites. Trust me, It works. If you are looking to access those movies related websites, you can easily open them by refreshing your browser. For Windows; click (Ctrl+F5) and For Mac; click (Cmd+R) for at least 5 to 6 times. That’s it.

Method 2: Use Online Proxy Website

This one is the sweetest way to open blocked websites in no time. There are dozens of trusted Online Proxy Websites on the internet.

How To Open Blocked Websites, Easy Way screenshot 1

Simply visit those websites > Enter the URL of blocked website (in the search bar) and then enter. Here are some of my favorite proxy websites;

1337X mirror list

Method 3: By Pass Through Browser Extension

If you don’t know, there is a way to unblock those blocked websites using unblocking browser extensions on your browser.

How To Open Blocked Websites, Easy Way screenshot 2There are dozens of extensions out there, but I would recommend you to go for Hola unblocker as it works fine for me. After installing the extension on your browser > simply click on the extension icon > then select ‘United States’ as your Country. That’s it and you are done.

Now that you know all the easy ways to access whatever websites you want. You can simply enjoy each and every content on the Internet irrespective of the Country you are based in. Also, if you have any query or suggestions related to accessing blocked websites, let us know via comment.

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