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Online education in the United States is recently popular. The reason behind the growth in popularity of online education is there are a lot of working adults who dream of pursuing their higher education but are lacking time. Online education is the best solution for working adults as the programs are mostly self-paced and need little to no time commitment. To find a college for higher education, students usually visit the campus but with online education, there is no need to visit the campus. Also, students visit the official website of universities to get a look into their possible further education. But when it relates to online education a lot of universities do not have an official website for online education. Hence making it very confusing for students who are looking to pursue online education. A resolution to this predicament is a website called Gradzz.

Gradzz is an educational portal which focuses on online education in the United States. It is similar to GetMyUni, which is also a portal for education in India. Gradzz was also founded to meet the need of an education portal for online US education. US education is one of the best in the world. Gradzz provides all required information about a university or program for enrolment. This eliminates the need for an official website of the University/College and provides the information for various colleges and programs under one domain. For instance, Liberty University is a private non-profit located in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States. It is a doctoral research university accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Best Online School, Commission on Colleges. It provides online education which is beneficial for students who are working or want to continue their education as an education. In Gradzz, Liberty University online review displays videos which are made and uploaded by Liberty students about their university experience.

These online programs and courses are available to students all across the world depending on the admission acceptance of the university. When studying online the validity of the degree is key to the student, Gradzz provides the information about the institution and program accreditation. Accreditation acts as a seal of approval for programs. Accredited programs are reviewed by the accrediting board making it more valuable. Gradzz aim is to provide approved degrees and programs to aspiring students who have a job or a busy schedule and can’t dedicate time to full-time education. Students who are working adults even though can afford good education do not prefer to invest in education as it is not their main priority. Online education is very cost effective which is why it is ideal for working students.

Being a cheap format of education, online education has increased the number of students who are enrolling for degrees and certificates in the United States. In US online education, there are also courses which are for non-degree, these are usually for certificates or vocational improvement. This online website provides you with all the information required for an aspiring student of online education. It gives you the basic information about college tuition fees for the course financial aid federal aid FAFSA code scholarship reviews and career prospects according to each college programs offered and their accreditation.

Gradzz is also easy to use navigate website. When you land on this website homepage, you have an option of navigating the website by searching a college and programs. It also has a button to view the best online colleges with various disciplines and programs; Masters, Bachelors, Doctorate, Associate, and Certificate degrees. Colleges can also be viewed by the fifty states in the United States of America. This is beneficial for online programs and degrees that require students to visit the campus for various purposes like projects, tests, exams, etc. These colleges can also be viewed by typing in a location like Chicago, San Diego etc. At the top of the website, there are three navigation buttons which allow searching by state, degree, and stream. After typing in a certain universities name, for example, Liberty University, you will be taken to a page that consists of a basic overview of Liberty University.

This contains detailed information about admissions and scholarships. It also enlists the available online programs sorted by discipline provided by Liberty Online. After deciding on a program, it gives you program information like total cost, cost per credit, total credits, and transfer credits.

This is all the basic information that eliminates the user’s need to visit the official website. And also, Gradzz allows viewing information on various colleges and program under one domain which makes for a very easy user experience



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