Non-surgical Ways to Lose Fats

In the recent past, the world’s economy has continued to grow. The drastic growth has forced individuals to adjust their lifestyle to meet the harsh economic standards. In return, the busy schedules have taken away people’s own time’ and hence a rise in the number of weight-related complications. Currently, people are taking all the necessary precautions to cut short any threats posed by the excessive weight.

Excessive body fat is a risk to both one’s health and the natural beauty. In the past few decades, health professionals have revealed various fat burning remedies. Some of the remedies have worked while others have borne no fruits. Recently, the internet has been stuffed with news about clinics and therapists offering various forms of non-surgical fat removal procedures. The big question is, do these procedures work? Yes, they work perfectly, and that’s when all the factors are put into consideration. The non-invasive procedures are the best and safe alternative for those afraid of the knife.

Here are the top six non-surgical fat removal procedures that you should know.


As its name suggests, this procedure works by freezing the affected areas to remove the unwanted fat. CoolSculpting is FDA-approved. Various studies have revealed that whenever the frostbite occurs, the skin remains intact while the fat cells below freeze. The frozen fat cells then die and thus excluded permanently. After the procedure, your body secretes the dead fat cells. As a result, you’re left with a slimmer and pleasing physique. This non invasive body sculpting treatment is effective because it selectively targets the fatty regions that can’t be eliminated with working out or diet.

Laser Liposuction

Second in the list is laser liposuction. This procedure is efficient and common in very many clinics across the country. The procedures require light therapy and lasers to heat and liquefy the fat cells to high temperatures. Many individuals are always asking where the liquefied layers of fat go. The answer is straightforward. Your body’s lymphatic system absorbs the melted fat, and there your tummy disappears magically. Laser liposuction is one of the best and affordable surgery alternatives with no side-effects. One interesting thing about this procedure is the ability to restructure the layers of collagen under the skin. The restructuring boosts the skin’s elasticity and thus preventing the cases of dimpled skin.

Vanquish ME

The Vanquish ME is also among the most successful non-invasive fat removal procedures used by various clinics. The process uses a highly sophisticated device that is in the shape of a curved, metallic belt. This non-surgical approach is also selectively focused on the affected areas. The device is placed over the affected area. The exciting thing is that the invention doesn’t have to touch the skin for the magic to happen. The device releases high-frequency radio waves. These radio waves match the thermal energy of the fat cells and hence leave the surrounding tissues intact. This FDA-approved procedure raises the cell’s temperature to around 45C, and thus killing the fat cells permanently. The treated area repairs naturally while the dead fat cells are excreted from your body. The fantastic thing about using this device is that it can handle greater regions as compared to other non-invasive methods in the market today.


Initially, this procedure was developed to assist liposuction treatments. However, with time it was documented for use on its own. The exciting thing is that it works better even on its own. Zerona is among the best surgical alternatives with no side effects. Its impact can be seen within a few weeks, and hence different from the other procedures. It uses cold laser technology. The treatment targets the fat cells and thus causing a tear into the compartment. The dripped fat is then secreted and thus leaving the fat cell shrunk. Two studies revealed that patients lost about 3.72 inches from their thighs, hips, and waistline combined after the treatment. Therefore, the procedure is suitable for those who want to cut the stubborn fat cells that can’t work with diet and exercises. This procedure is different from traditional liposculpture because there is no additional skin contracture after the treatment.


SculpSure is also among the top non-surgical procedures for removing stubborn fat cells, and that you should consider. According to the history, SculpSure was the first noninvasive procedure to receive FDA approvals. This procedure uses light technology to kill the unwanted fat cells in one’s body permanently. The 25-minute treatment is safe and efficient for those individuals who are afraid of surgery and the side effects when it comes to fat removal.Like in the Vanquish treatment, SculpSure uses the light technology to heat the cells. In return, the cells break and hence destroying the stubborn fat cells. This particular treatment works past the fatty region. This focus ensures an appealing physique.


Last but not the least is the VelaSmooth treatment. This popular treatment combines the power of massage, light and heat therapies to magically remove the stubborn fat cells. As many would say, it is an all-in-one package. First, the effects of rollers and vacuum manipulate the underlying tissues and hence toning one’s belly to a smoother appearance. Then, the massage follows. Massaging helps in loosening the muscles and thus making it easy for the radio frequency and infrared light to penetrate to the layers of fat. The procedure ends with a synchronized effect of heat, light, and suction which work together to raise the metabolism levels of the cells. In return, the cells shrink while taking the stubborn fat cells away.

In the recent past, the number of weight-related complications has continued to grow. As a result, individuals are doing all it takes to ensure that their weight is kept in check. Recently, non-surgical procedures to remove the unwanted fat cells have been making headlines. In the article, there are top six, FDA-approved non-invasive procedures which you should have in mind. The exciting thing about these treatments is that they are safe and suitable for those who are scared of surgeries. Therefore, you should discuss with a qualified plastic surgeon to decide on which treatment suits your body.

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