Next Day Settlement Service by PayPal

So finally PayPal has figured out a way to make money transactions into your business account within 24 hours from their PayPal account. PayPal has named this service of theirs as Next Day Settlement service or the NDS service.
But it’s best perhaps not to get your hopes too high because such a service has been introduced only for “eligible businesses” and not every business can avail it. If your business qualifies then perhaps you’ve already received a notification or a message stating so in your PayPal account. If not, then am afraid your business isn’t eligible for this service.

Surely this service of PayPal shall receive a positive response from the people as earlier it could have taken a maximum of 4 days (and sometimes even longer) to complete an entire transaction from the merchant’s account to their respective bank accounts because of using an electronic network called as the ACH network (Automated Clearing House).

This is perhaps good news for those people who often use their PayPal accounts to run and manage their business accounts where huge inflow and outflow of cash is a common phenomenon and this 4 day wait might have caused troubles for them earlier. But now PayPal have addressed this issue by introducing their NDS services.

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