New Technology Advances Home Security

It’s that time of year again, when more and more of us start to hit the road (or skies) to spend time with our family, friends, and loved ones. What this means is that we’ll be leaving our homes unattended for days, maybe weeks at a time. This leaves a great window of time for potential burglars to not only know that you’re out of town, but provide ample time to break in and clean you out.

When home security systems come to mind, many picture that white box mounted on the wall by the front door that requires you to set it every time you leave and come back, and if you forget to set it when you leave? Just pray you don’t get any un-welcomed visitors while you’re gone. Those days are long gone though, thankfully. New technology is being introduced to the home security industry that makes it possible to monitor and secure your home from your phone or laptop with companies like Security Choice and ADT leading the charge.

While tips on how to prevent burglaries have been covered on this site before, the latest technology hasn’t. One of the most convenient new technologies that is commonly available is arming remotely. What this means is that you’re no longer out of luck if you forget, or even think you forgot, to set your alarm. There are many apps supported by security companies that allow you to set your alarm from anywhere through your phone. Companies like are offering these apps as a supplement to your existing home security system. However, not all apps are compatible with all systems, and many companies have their own apps, so it’s important to check all of that information out before buying.

During the holiday season snowstorms are a regular occurrence for those of us in the north. Often times these storms result in loss of power and down telephone lines, which often brings down your security system. However, thanks to new wireless technology and battery controlled alarms this isn’t a problem.  With everything being connected to Wi-Fi these days, why shouldn’t your alarm system? This technology makes it possible for your security company to have constant contact with your alarm system in case an opportunist burglar decides to pounce.

Alarm systems themselves have also become much more sophisticated as well. The traditional closed or open- circuit magnetic sensor placed on certain doors or windows is being replaced with more efficient and successful options. The problem with the electromagnetic sensors is that they only work when the specific door or window they are on is opened, can be easily tampered with, and only cover the perimeter of the home. Now there are many options that expand far beyond basic motion detectors. Many companies are using infrared motion detectors which can detect an increased amount of infrared energy in the home from an intruders body heat and trip the alarm. Another new technology is the radar-based motion detector which sends out ultrasonic sound waves which bounce back to the unit in the same uniform pattern it was sent out in. If the waves don’t bounce back in the same pattern, it means there is something or someone in the area that isn’t supposed to be and it trips the alarm.

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