Main Online Dating Fraud Schemes 

Scheme №1: Gift Delivery 

This is a long-living scheme that still finds its victims. On a dating site, you get a message from a person; most oftenthis is an impressive and successful foreigner who dreams of marrying a person of your ethnicity. 

The romance will develop very rapidly: within a few days, they will confess their love to you and promise a long, happy married life. And your future spouse has already bought you a valuable gift, like a smartphone or jewelry, and sent it to you. 

But one problem arises: for one reason or another, your companion was not able to pay the customs duty. They will offer you to pay for itand they will either give it back or have put the money into the package. As soon as you transfer money to their account, your partner disappears immediately. 

There is another variation of the scam  you have to pay for the delivery services of a box which will turn out to be emptyBy the time you will be walking back and searching for a pair of scissors, the delivery guy will already be gone. 

Advice: if a wealthy gentleman has bought a gift for you and sent it your way, they will surely pay for all of the additional costs associated with the delivery process. 

Scheme №2: Magic Potion 

You met your loved one on the Internet, and you were offered to meet in real life. Be careful because you know nothing about this person: they may be a maniac or a robber. If a person offers you to drive you back to your place, you can be led into the woods and simply be raped or robbed. 

There are some girls who, while staying at a man’s place, can quietly pour some drug into the drink of a man and rob the apartment; this is not as uncommon as you might thinkThe worst thing about it is that you can die from a drug overdose. 

Advice: always meet in a public place; tell your close friends and relatives that you are going on a date with a stranger and tell them everything they need to know about that dateTake a taxiDon’t drink alcohol on a date with a strangerAnd if you do become a victim of such a person – contact the police right away. 

Scheme 3: Caution, blackmail! 

When your communication online has grown into a more open and intimate conversation, you might want to exchange some intimate photosThe problem here is that scammers have a lot of patience and even more ways of selling all of your photos and videos, blackmailing you in the process. 

The newer you are to the dating market and the less experience you have, the more attractive you will be for online dating scammers. 

If you are being blackmailed, contact the police – don’t waste your money on a scammer; there is no reason to keep silent. The police will help you out and fix the problem. This is one of the most widespread online dating scamming schemes. Check out jump4lovescam to find out more about them. 

Scheme 4: Help, save me! 

Women often come across this bait since they are more prone to empathy. As a rule, there is always a “pseudo-foreigner” on the other end who starts feeding you a tale of your future life together, how rich and happy you will be and all that. 

And when you are ready to rush to a meeting with your future spousethey get suddenly arrested, not released from the country because of some old and long-forgotten fine, or they are diagnosed with a terrible disease. And only you can save your loved one by transferring a certain amount of money to their bank account. 

Another variation of the scheme is meeting a guy from the military who can ask for bail money to be finally released from Iraq/Syria/Afghanistan. Women are very empathetic when it comes to these fraud schemes and tend to waste away their money without giving a second thought to it. 

Scheme №5: Inviting you to a visit 

Let’s say that a person has invited you to come to visit them after a certain period of fruitful online communication. First, a fraudster might be just a regular working person and not a wealthy businessman/woman; secondly – you may end up being sold on the black market, dead or alive. 

There is another variation of the scheme: you will be offered to buy tickets (or even order tickets already paid by your fiancé) on a certain website which will seem like a legitimate sitebut it won’t. It will (most likely) be a cash-grab site made in order to steal money from your credit card. 

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