Looking for Cheap Home Upgrades? Check Out These Amazing Pallet Ideas

DIY projects are a fun way to save some money and create homemade conversation starters for your home.

Pallets are the ideal DIY material. Not only are they often cheap or even free, but they also offer endless options for cutting, nailing, staining, and otherwise altering them to match your chosen look.

Keep reading to learn 5 DIY pallet ideas that can help you upgrade your home!

1. Pallet Wine Rack

The shape of a pallet before you start taking it apart already looks a bit like a shelf if you flip it upside down.

For this DIY pallet wine rack, you’ll cut the pallet to make it much smaller, leaving about the top foot or so, as well as the wooden crossbeams underneath.

Then, add a base to the end of your cut pallet, and another board on the backside, creating a shelf. Paint or stain your project, and you have an easy wine rack that is the perfect mix of shabby and chic.

Wine not your thing? By making the shelf part of this project a bit deeper, you could also add bourbon or whiskey bottles, or even store your glassware on this rack.

2. Coffee Cup Rack

While a DIY wine rack is easy because you are keeping part of your pallet in shape, this next project involves dismantling your pallet only to cut pieces and then reassemble the same shape again.

Once you’ve taken your pallet apart, you’ll cut down boards and then nail them back together into a miniature version of the original pallet.

Around 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide is a good size, though you could make it larger if you have a big coffee cup collection. 

Once your pallet is put back together, paint or stain it, and add small metal hooks, spaced out across the board. Securely mount it on your wall, hang your favorite mugs, and you have an easy spot to store and grab a cup whenever you need it!

3. Garden Boxes

Store-bought garden boxes can be incredibly expensive, especially when you consider that thanks to dirt and water, they won’t last very long. Building your own with regular wood can also add up fast.

But pallets make it easy and inexpensive to build the boxes that you’re dreaming of. Plus, because they can be rough and slightly unfinished and still look great, this is an excellent project for anyone new to DIYing around the home.

4. Patio Furniture

Another outdoor pallet idea that’s even easier to build than garden boxes, and that will help you save even more money, is pallet furniture. In many cases, you can construct couches and lounges without even cutting into the pallets that you collect.

Simply stacking and attaching pallets will give you a nice, wide base for your furniture. You can then add cushions or even an outdoor mattress to the top for a fast and easy project.

You’ll need a lot of pallets for this project, so look for businesses’ that are likely to need pallet rack installers to make room for all of their pallets, and ask what they do with their used pallets.

5. Bath Rack

Want to give your bathroom a luxurious, but practical upgrade? Take a few boards from a disassembled pallet, and cut them until they are about 8 wider than the width of your bathtub. Line up 3 or 4 boards, then use 2 cross boards to attach them to one another.

After that, you have a simple bathtub rack that you can use to rest your book or maybe a glass of wine while you bathe.

DIYing These Pallet Ideas in Your Home

Now that you have a few pallet ideas to help you update your home, it’s time to look for other cheap DIY tricks. Check out our blog for more DIY ideas, how-to guides, and other resources every homeowner needs.

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