Junk My Ride: How Much Can I Really Make If I Junk My Car?

Let’s face it; cars don’t last forever. It would be nice (and a lot cheaper) if they did, but over time they fail just like any other machine.

Having a junk car sitting around in your driveway doesn’t do anyone any good. It’s just sitting there, taking up space. And depending on your state, you may even be paying income taxes on a car you can’t even drive!

What should I do with this junk vehicle then, you might be asking. The answer is simple; junk my car! Even if the car can’t run, you can sell it for scrap and parts. You’ll get it out of your hair, and pocket some money for your troubles.

How Do I Junk My Car?

Selling your old car for junk is a great idea, but there’s a process that you need to follow when doing so.

First, you need to find a good dealer to sell your vehicle to. As with any kind of aftermarket, there are a lot of risks inherent in the process. It’s easy to find a dealer who’s trying to shortchange you on your junk car. 

Luckily, there are some very reliable dealers out there, and you can even find a good quote online. This junk my car website is an honest and reliable online dealer, where you can get a trustworthy quote, and even sell your car online.

After you’ve found a reliable dealer to work with, you’ll need to prepare all of your personal and vehicular information. You’ll need all of your information available for this process. This means that you need to have your title and registration on hand at all times. These will be needed to sell the car to the dealer.

You also need to have information about the car itself; year, brand, make, and model. You’ll also need information such as the car’s mileage, and any mechanical issues that the vehicle may have. These will all affect the price you get for the vehicle.

Don’t worry too much if the car is in bad shape; you can still make a few hundred dollars off of it. Dealers will buy your vehicle for scrap if nothing else. But the more working parts the vehicle has, the better your quote will be.

And speaking of, once you’ve made the preparations, it’s time to get your quote! Get in touch with your dealer and give them the information you’ve prepared, and they’ll give you an estimate on the worth of your vehicle.

Junk Your Old Car Today

If you’ve got a beat-up old car sitting around taking up space, consider selling it for junk. It takes the car off of your hands and can put some money in your pocket quickly.

Whether you’re going through Junk My Car, or another dealer, selling a junk vehicle for scrap is always a great idea. Find a dealer, get a quote, and put some money in your pocket today.

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