Is it More Affordable to Drive a New Vehicle or Have it Towed?

If you have just purchased a new car and need to have it transported to your home, or if you are planning on moving to a new place and need your relatively new car moved, you are probably already trying to weigh the pros and cons of driving your car to its new destination or having it towed for you. One of the most important factors you will find yourself circling around for a while is affordability. Lucky for you, here you will find all the different factors you need to consider to reach your own conclusion on which option is most affordable for you.

Tire Wear

Since your car is new, you might not really consider this to be a problem, but it is a factor that needs to be counted in nonetheless. If you decide to drive your car to the new destination, your tires will definitely be used and thus they will face some wear and tear. This is not really an issue if you are not moving too far away. Renting a tow truck, especially if it is a tow dolly also causes wear and tear especially to rear tires since they are the ones touching the ground. Auto-transporting your vehicle through a professional company ensures that the tires do not even touch the ground, so they are not at any risk of wear and tear. Tire wear and tear is something that you should consider because wear and tear will require you to replace your tires sooner than you anticipated.


When calculating the price of transporting your vehicle, do not forget to add the price of gas. If you are renting a tow or driving your car, more often than not, you will be the one paying for the gas. Gas is one of the hidden expenses of renting a tow since at first glance, you will only think of the renting fee. If you are using a towing service to professionally transport your vehicle, you won’t need to think of how much gas is needed. The licensed team at Geyers Towing note that you do not even have to deal with the hassle of driving your car to a certain area for towing since it can be picked up from your location quite easily. Driving a car is going to seemingly cost you only the price of filling up your gas tank.

Towing Renting Fee vs Auto-Transporting Fee

As mentioned above, renting a tow truck is going to cost you money. If you decide to drive your car, you will not be spending any kind of rental fee. Renting a tow is admittedly less expensive than using an auto-transporting service since you will be the one driving the tow. This is definitely something to keep in mind when comparing your options since it is not really safe for you to drive a tow if you do not know how to. If you settle on having your car transported by a professional you will be only paying for the service fee which will, of course, largely depend on the distance you want to transport your car.

On paper, you might just look at the price of renting a tow compared to driving a car and auto-transporting it, however, there are other expenses you need to keep in mind. Using these three factors when calculating the expense of each option can definitely help you reach a decision about which option is more affordable for you. It is important to keep in mind that expenses may differ from one company to the other.

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