iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode After iOS 12 Update? Here’s the Real Fix

Updating your device is a very important function. Not only will the update give you great new features to work with, it is also instrumental in improving the device’s functionality and fixing some issues with the settings. Yet, the update itself can cause several issues with the device. One of the most prevalent problems is an iPhone stuck in recovery mode after iOS 12 update.

One of the best solutions for an iPhone stuck in recovery mode is Tenorshare ReiBoot. ReiBoot is one of the best tools to help you get rid of iOS stuck issues including a device stuck in recovery mode, in DFU mode, stuck on the Apple logo or a device that simply will not perform as expected. ReiBoot is a simple tool to use and it is also free.

Key Features of Tenorshare ReiBoot

In order to understand how ReiBoot can help you fix the device, it is important to understand the program’s features. Some of the more prominent features of ReiBoot include the following;

  • It allows you to enter and exit recovery mode in a single click. This can be very helpful when your device is facing certain issues and needs recovery mode to be fixed or you need to quickly exit recovery mode.
  • It can also be very useful when you need to fix any iOS issues on your device including a device stuck in recovery mode, stuck on the Apple Logo, on the blank screen and many more.
  • It is fully compatible with all iPhone/iPad/iPod models including the iPhone XS/X and iPhone 8 /8 plus.
  • It is also fully compatible with the latest iOS 12 beta.
  • It is very easy to use. You can fix the device in just a few simple steps as we shall see shortly.
  • It is available for both Windows and Mac systems.
  • It has numerous 5 stars including a 5-star editor’s rating from cult of Mac.

How to Fix iOS 12 Recovery Mode Stuck with ReiBoot

ReiBoot makes it very easy for you fix an iPhone that is stuck in recovery mode. To accomplish this, you will need the iPhone, ReiBoot installed on your computer and a USB cable to connect the iPhone to the computer.

Once you have everything you need in hand, follow these simple steps to fix the device;

Product download button

Step 1: Download and Install the Program

Begin by downloading the program to your computer. Follow the instructions on the set-up window to install the program.

run reiboot

Step 2: Run the Program and Connect the iPhone

Open the program once it is installed on your computer and then connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cable. ReiBoot should recognize the iPhone once connected.

detect iphone

Step 3: Exit Recovery Mode in One-Click

Once the device is connected click on “Exit Recovery Mode” and the program will begin fix the device, exiting recovery mode and restarting the device in normal mode.

Exit Recovery mode

Tenorshare ReiBoot provides the best possible chance for fixing an iPhone that is stuck in recovery mode. It is free to download and use and seeing as it is capable of fixing all other iOS issues, it is a program that every iOS user should own.

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