Investments You Simply Must Add To Your Portfolio In 2019

A lot can change in ten years and for serial investor and financial guru, Warren Buffet, the 2008/2009 economic downturn proved just that. In a recent interview, the billionaire disclosed why he was eager to buy into a market that had just been shocked with a $1.2 trillion loss. As part of his investment strategy, Buffet asserts that the importance of the long-term shouldn’t be overlooked.

Don’t Overlook The Stock Market

Warren Buffet is known to stick with what he knows and is able to forego the emotional response that so often derails investments. The billionaire philanthropist bought shares in companies such as General Electric and Goldman Sachs, which are now starting to pay off. Stable companies who are able to weather the storms are ripe pickings in low economic times. This is because they may show low profits at the time, but have the potential to increase in value within five to twenty years. Patience and resilience are important traits for serious investors.

Tangible Assets  And Commodities Are Still Valuable

There are many investors who find investing in assets a far easier way to manage their investment portfolio. Assets such as machinery and equipment, land, and property offer investors a physical product to go with their investment. This means that, should the market turn, they still have the asset in their possession. These assets are often also used to generate an income.

According to Money Metals Exchange (, another investment type for those hoping to invest in something tangible, is in commodities such as silver and gold. These types of investments have held value for centuries and, although not used in everyday general trade anymore, the value is still high thanks to its uses.

Investing In Your Future

2019 is the year where financial goals will be easier to reach, and according to Forbes, investing in a side hustle is the way to do it. One of the fastest ways to get value out of a side hustle, is by doing something you’re passionate about. This could be editing, gardening, and even delivering goods. Side hustles are a great accompaniment to an income and can cushion those months when the unexpected happens.

Investing in 2019 should be done in conjunction with current market happenings. Some questions to ask include: will G20 affect markets? How will Brexit affect the US? Will I gain value even if the markets change? Investors will need to take all the factors into consideration before making their move.

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