Improving Work Efficiency with Planned Office Workstations

Setting up an office is actually more than just building a base for a business. Workspace furniture planning can increase work efficiency, but the only obstacle one faces is that each space needs different furniture depending on the type of business and work. 

A comparison of Australian POE surveys on perceived productivity and health also proves that ergonomically designed spaces improve work productivity. Read on to understand how well-planned office workstations in Melbourne can significantly increase business efficiency!

Workstations vs Cubicles

Although workstations are reimagined cubicles, there is a vast difference between the two. While cubicles promise privacy, personal space, and concentration, these aspects do not increase productivity. In modern businesses, an environment that encourages collaboration and communication is most effective. Open workstations will also give one a personal allocated space, but not with the price of isolation. Being around one’s colleagues can help in significantly increasing their work potential.

What Aspects of Open Workstations are Beneficial?

Spacious and Uncongested Workspaces

Cubicles might look uniform and remove inconsistent designs that personal items introduce, but they also make for cramped workspaces. Without four walls around each employee, there is better ventilation and more space to work around. A less cramped office can significantly increase the work potential of each employee as it adds to their comfort. 

Better Lighting Plans

With fewer walls, there are fewer obstructions to natural light. On a large scale, fixing in and powering lights can amount to quite an expense. With large window spaces and fewer walls, one can have fewer lights and still create the perfect work environment – spacious and brightly lit. In addition, the office plan can allocate fewer resources for lighting and electricity. 


Workspaces need to be adaptive and innovative. An open workstation design leaves a lot of room for multiple different concept ideas to be incorporated. This versatility allows employees to choose their work environment and keeps work from becoming a monotonous chore.

More space also allows a business to adapt and change the work environment to meet their employee’s needs.

Ensuring that one’s employees are comfortable in their space and having their needs met is a foolproof method of maximising productivity.

Collaboration and Communication

Open workstations are the best way to break down barriers. Without walls, the work environment becomes significantly more amiable. This breaking of barriers makes collaboration possible. Working in an environment that helps in encouraging conversation and collaboration keeps employees feeling satisfied. Many are concerned that group discussions can be distracting, but an ideal open workspace also has quiet working areas. 

In innovative and creative companies, new ideas are essential for the business’s success, and encouraging teamwork is the key to unlocking every member’s true potential. 

Improved Company Culture

A company that keeps its employees happy succeeds. Working in an environment that encourages conversation and collaboration keeps employees feeling satisfied. Working in an environment which encourages conversation and collaboration keeps employees feeling satisfied. By allowing employees to define their workspace, they can view their roles differently every day! A social and positive company culture results in a happy and productive team. 


Constructing a well-ventilated, brightly lit, modern, and ergonomic cubicle office space is not cheap. An open workspace removes added expenditure on walls, extra lights, more ventilators and so on. Office workstations in Melbourne are constantly evolving, and an open workspace helps one adapt to those trends, saving businesses additional costs on breaking down outdated structures. 

With numerous companies switching to innovative and fun open workspaces, offices won’t remain dull, and one can bring the fun back into work!

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