Impacted Wisdom Teeth And Related Facts

Are you going through pain in wisdom teeth? If yes then you might be having an impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third and missing molars which develop around the age of 25 and are also called “Love Teeth” in Korea when the teeth do not get enough room to emerge than it starts to hurt and is called an impacted wisdom teeth.  Who knows that a wisdom tooth makes us wise or not but the issues associated with the erection of this new monster brings numerous troubles

Few of the problems that arise due to impacted wisdom teeth are mentioned here

Tooth Damage

The eruption is in very abnormal angles of the jaw and this causes several problems. The push to the second molar due to an emerging third molar could cause damage to the gum and teeth. This pressure could create problems due to congesting of other teeth. The result can be the requirement of treatment to straighten other teeth. The treatments like tooth extraction can easily be done at Montrose oral surgery.

Formation Of Cysts

The growth wisdom tooth develops a sac in the jawbone. The sac can be filled with fluid, and form a cyst and that can cause damage to the nerves, jawbone, and teeth. In some rare cases, a non-cancerous tumor could develop, and this complication might need to be treated by removing the tissues.

Tooth Decay And Odor

The impacted or partially impacted wisdom tooth is highly at risk of tooth decay than the normal teeth. The reason may be the fact that it is difficult to clean the half emerged wisdom tooth. It is far from the sight at the last end of the jawline. There are more chances of food particles remained stuffed near to the erupting wisdom tooth, and it causes more probability of tooth decay and bad mouth odor.

Gum Disease

Due to the accumulation of bacteria around wisdom tooth, several gum problems arise like swelling, redness and damaged gum tissue. Usually, this happens during the partial eruption. The cause of the complication is not enough space in the curve to accommodate the tooth and gum tissues. If gum is severely damaged, then tooth extraction is required.   


All the congestion inside the mouth and lack of cleanliness could worsen the condition of wisdom teeth, and one can suffer from unbearable pain. The use of cold compress and pain killer tablets can relieve for some time. One should visit a dentist to know the actual position and direction of the growth of wisdom teeth. If extraction is the only solution, then it should not be delayed.

Not every one of us gets wisdom teeth, and even fewer have them impacted. But once it starts to worsen the consequences are bad, and the pain is severe. Though there are plenty of home remedies, you would be suggested like applying clove oil, rinsing with salt water, putting peppermint leaves, chewing onions, etc. However one should rely on a good dentist for taking treatment.

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