Illuminating the Path to Home Safety

Your home should be the one place where you feel 100% safe. Out of all other places in the world, your home is the only place where you can feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Unfortunately, within the next 20 years, 3 out of 4 homes will experience a break-in. 

Don’t let your home fall into these statistics. Keep your home, yourself, and your family safe by installing outdoor security lighting. Installing security lighting is one of the best ways to prevent break-ins from happening. However, you can’t simply install lights in random places around your home.

There is an actual formula for installing these lights the right way. Doing so is your best bet for keeping burglars and other criminals from accessing your home with ease. Plus, aside from creating a safer home, you’ll also create some awesome curb appeal!

It’s time to keep criminals away while creating home beauty. Continue reading below for the best places to install outdoor security lighting around your home to protect yourself and your property! 

Do Some Investigating

Every house is different. Because of this, there are no set rules to follow for the exact placement of security lighting. The first thing you need to do is embark on some investigating adventures.

This means heading outside with your flashlight and discovering where the dark patches are around your home. These are the areas that receive little to no light. Place your flashlight on them and identify the best type of placement for a light. 

Try shinning the flashlight in different directions to see which direction would work best. Make sure you make a list of all this information so you remember where and how to install the lights after purchasing them. 

Understand the Perfect Height

Now you’ll need to have an understanding of the perfect height for security lights. Keep in mind that your home might come with some limitations on where you can install these lights, but it’s still a good idea to have some general knowledge of how high they should go. 

If you’re going to install a motion light, the best height would be between 6 to 10 feet off of ground level. Placing your light higher than this could cause it to not pick up movement below it.

Places to Consider

We know that all homes are different. As stated before, this makes it hard to talk about exact locations for security lights on every home. However, there are a few common locations where every home should place its security lighting. The list of these places is as follows: 

Above the Garage Door

If your home has a garage, you’ll want a security light above the garage door. For starters, you most likely keep a few valuable items there, including expensive tools, bikes, and more. With that said, you must have lights around your garage to detect when a thief might be nearby. 

Aside from that, having lighting around your garage also helps when you want to work in on your car in the evening or when coming home late. 

The Front and Back Door

Your home’s front and back door should also have security lighting. Any entryway into your home should have lighting around it. Remember that any opening is a potential entry for a thief. Even the most unlikely entryways, such as your windows and gates openings, should have lights. 

The Sides of the House

Because it’s almost standard for homes to have some type of lighting in the front, burglars normally try to enter through the back or sides of your house. Install lights on each side of your home to prevent this from happening. 

All Walkways 

All walkways to your house should also have lighting around them. Not only does it keep burglars off of them, but it also adds some wonderful curb appeal to your home. Imagine pulling up to your beautiful home during the evening with a pathway lit up with custom lighting

Plus, sometimes being safe means being able to see where your walking at night. Adding lights to all walkways ensures you’re kept safe from criminals and yourself. Your biggest enemy can be your own two feet sometimes!

All Open Areas

Now that we have some specifics down, one thing that every home has around it is an open area. An open area could include a garden, pool, or even an open field of grass. Whatever the case may be for your home, be sure that you have good lighting directed in these areas.

You want to light up these places because if something were to happen, one of the first things a thief is going to do is look for somewhere to hide. These open areas are a criminal’s best friend because they don’t normally have good lighting around them. Don’t let criminals find hiding places in your yard.

Install good security lighting around all open areas, and they’ll have nowhere to hide. 

Where’s Your Outdoor Security Lighting? 

You’ve read through this post and learned a few things, but where are your outdoor security lighting fixtures installed? The last thing you’ll need to do is check the security lighting that’s already installed and ensure that there at a good height and placement. 

Then, you’ll want to visit your local home improvement store to purchase enough security lights to cover all the locations listed above!

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