How Wireline Services Improves Quality Of well

Well is the most important part of any oil and gas industry. It should be dug with accurate measurements with help of wireline logging tools. Further, after the completion of the digging process, well tubing is also necessary to protect the mixing of unwanted particles in a well fluid. To maintain the lifetime accessibility of well you should do a regular inspection of downhole and liquid in a hole.

Do you wonder how to maintain the quality and quantity of an oil well?

If so, then wireline with attached tools is the solution. Wireline services include a full range of work such as well logging, tagging services, pipe recovery services and more. Wireline is a cable that you put inside well to perform the various tasks related to measurement, maintenance etc.

For the good health of your well and well fluid here are some wireline services that you may consider.

Logging Services:

Logging is one of the most important electric wireline services that will define the life and utility of your well. It is using measuring equipment and continuously measures the properties of well formations and fluid. Well, logging services are of two types that are open-hole logging and close-hole logging. Open-hole logging is used before the formation of a wellbore to measure its dimensions, depth, and diameter. However, close-hole logging is used after the completion of a well; it measures the properties of fluid and casing of well.

There are many logging tools that are specialized in different measurements with different techniques. To use these tools you drop them down with the help of string or wireline in a wellbore.

Well, Completion:

Wireline services make completion of well more easy in minimum time as before. Completion process plays an important role in making the well more economic. It should be highly precise from start to end of the good formation. Well, completion is a combination of a number of services, so use different tools for different services carefully.

Also, it is well known that technology touches everything and hence the oil and gas industry is no more exception. So, be aware of the latest technology that you can use to improve the quality and to reduce the service time during good formation.

Pipe Recovery Services:

To do any measurement or to check the properties of fluid inside the well, you have to drop the required tool in the wellbore. And due to poor well formation or some other factor, the wireline with the tool may get stuck inside the hole. When pipe gets stuck then, a quick resolution is needed to get back the work at its speed.

How to get release the stuck pipe?

With the help of specialized tools, wireline techniques, and professional help the stuck pipe can be separated from the free drill string. There are pipe recovery tools that help to determine the location of stuck pipe and also make it free from that position. The attachments for wireline recovery are fishing tools, electromagnetic tool and more.

Casing Inspection Services:

After completion of drilling of the wellbore, its protection is equally important, for which you can do casing of well. Once the casing is done, do a regular inspection of it for any damage. Casing inspection provides you with information on metal loss, corrosion inside the well and any bacterial deposit in the wellbore. There are tools like case hole calipers, electrical potential tool and electromagnetic phase shift tool that will help accurately in casing inspection.

With the application of drill rig and wireline service tools improves the quality of your wellhole that will help in increasing production. Your business starts growing up with maintained well. It is not a tough task, but still, you need help then you may call the expert professional near your area.

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