How to Safely Dispose Of Used Needles

Getting rid of medical instruments after they have been used is strongly advised. Read on to learn how to safely dispose of used needles.

Needles are for more than sewing. More than six million Americans use insulin to control their diabetes. The most common way to take insulin is through injections. 

This produces millions of used needles every year. Getting pricked by a used needle is an easy way of contracting HIV/AIDS and other diseases. It is essential that people find ways to get rid of their used sharps. 

What are the resources you need for disposal? What are some needle disposal methods? Who can take your used sharps away? 

Answer these questions and you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from used syringes. Here is your quick guide. 

Find Syringe and Needle Disposal Resources 

Before you learn about syringe disposal, you have to learn about syringes themselves. Visit websites like where you can read about them and browse different options. 

The most common resource for used needles is a sharps disposal container. This is a long container with a narrow opening so needles cannot fall out.

Anyone who needs needles should have at least one container. If you travel a lot, you can find a travel-size container that you can take on airplanes. 

Some states allow homeowners to place needles in a laundry detergent bottle. These bottles have thick plastic and narrow openings as well.

You should put tape around the top as an extra seal. You should also write on the bottle itself to indicate that there are syringes inside. 

Destroy Used Needles

There are ways to destroy your needles. Destruction devices use high heat to burn needles down. The device reduces them to small balls that you can then throw away in the trash. 

These devices tend to be expensive, so you can buy a needle cutter instead. This cuts the needles off of your syringes, and the cutter then stores the needle itself. You can throw away the syringe in your trash. 

Take Used Needles Away 

Every local government has its own rules for used needle disposal. In general, most governments offer sites where you can drop yours off. The site is usually at a doctor’s office or hospital. 

They may also have a hazardous waste collection site. This may be at your local dump or garbage company. 

Some companies offer pick-up services. You can give them a call, then they will send trained workers to your house to pick your syringes up. You may need to pay a fee, so be mindful of the price. 

You may be able to mail your sharps to the FDA. You will have to pay a fee, and fees can be high if you have many syringes. 

How to Get Rid of Your Needles 

Your used needles must go away. Get a container with thick walls that can hold dozens of them. If you are in a pinch, you can use a laundry detergent bottle. 

Buy a destruction device to burn the tips down. You can also get a needle cutter for less money. 

Once you have a few dozen needles, you should throw them away. Follow your municipality’s guidelines when doing so. Take advantage of resources like the FDA to help you. 

Safety may not stay consistent. Get the latest tips by following our coverage. 

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