How to Run a Coffee Shop: The Top Tips to Know

Big-name coffee shops have cornered the market. When you’re opening a coffee shop, you’re competing with large chain stores and a super niche spot. It’s not easy. 

If you’re looking to open a cafe and need advice on how to run a coffee shop, keep reading this article. We’ll go over costs, location, designing your store and menu, and bringing your customers in. Let’s begin.

Consider the Costs

There are many costs associated with opening any business. When running a coffee shop, you’ll have to factor in costs for equipment like coffee and espresso machines, grinders, roasters, fridges and freezers, storage, and cooking equipment.

You’ll also need a POS system and possibly other equipment for employees and managers. Other costs include the supplies for your shop. Buying coffee beans wholesale is the most cost-effective solution. 

Location and Design 

The location and design of your coffee shop are critical. Before choosing a store location, get to know the area, what other stores are in the area, and the shop’s accessibility. Avoid shopfronts near other cafes or ones on a busy road with limited parking.

Your store’s design is another crucial factor to think about when planning to run a coffee shop. What is your demographic? Will your store be themed?

Location influences design and vice versa as you want your shop to appeal to the locals. A store with bean bag chairs and chill house music will be much more popular in a college town than an area of older people. If the design is most important to you, search for storefronts based on the demographic you’re looking to sell to. 

Create a Menu 

Your location and interior design will also influence your menu. If you are running a coffee shop in a town of busy professionals, it’s best to have an easy to read, straight to the point menu. You have more freedom in a more relaxed setting. 

Get to know what the food culture is like in the area and what is in demand. Appealing to specific dietary preferences and lifestyles such as vegan or gluten-free is another way to build a steady and loyal customer base if other options are limited.

Train and Hire the Right People 

You can have a beautifully designed coffee shop in an ideal location, but you won’t be successful if you have the wrong employees and management. Look for the right talent for your store and make sure they have the proper training in barista and food handling. Upbeat, positive employees will help bring customers in the door. 


If you plan to open a coffee shop soon, start advertising. Advertise for your store’s opening ahead of time and make your grand opening a celebration.

Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing. Put out ads with coupons to brings people to your store. Your new customers will then spread good words about your new shop and recommend others to visit.

How to Run a Coffee Shop Made Easy 

Running a coffee shop involves a lot of careful planning and consideration. Consider the costs of starting your business, put thought into location and design, how that will influence the menu, and invest in advertisements. If you follow our advice on how to run a coffee shop successfully, you’ll be up and running in no time!

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