How to Play an Instrument Without Taking Lessons

Do you want to learn how to play an instrument?

Music is a great creative outlet that also has a way of bringing people together! It’s a great hobby to learn especially now that you may have a lot of time on your hands due to being in quarantine!

You don’t have to pay for lessons to express yourself through music. You just have to find an instrument you love that works for you!

Here’s how to play an instrument without taking lessons.

Choose an Easy Instrument

You may not know how to choose an instrument that’s right for you, but the process can be as easy as picking something you think you’d be able to learn or choosing an instrument based off of its sound. Now if we talked about the majority, it always goes on guitar for its difficulty to learn is not so hard. Plus, it is cheaper when you get it on compare to other instruments.

If a family member plays an instrument, ask them for advice! You may have even picked up on the basics of how to play their instrument over the years!

What you learn to play doesn’t even have to be an official instrument at all! For example, you can learn how to play spoons as an instrument! That kind of challenge can allow you to make a different kind of music and express yourself creatively.

Play an Instrument You Already Have

If a close family member plays an instrument, you could ask them if they’d allow you to practice their instrument long enough to see if it’s a good fit for you.

You could also create a makeshift instrument like a drum using things you have around your house. This can turn into a fun craft idea for kids who are interested in music!

One instrument everyone has is their voice! You can teach yourself to sing pretty easily by imitating what you hear other vocal artists doing and paying attention to how you sound.

Find Educational Videos Online

Once you have the instrument you want to play, find videos of people playing that instrument. You can often find beginner tutorials of people who will walk you through the basics. You may not be able to ask questions, but you can always find more videos!

Write About It

The best way to learn about instruments and how to play them is writing about them. Writing requires research and a kind of understanding that then allows you to be a master on a subject. By explaining your instrument and how to play it, you gain a better understanding of it yourself.

From there, you can publish your piece and open up a comments section to the public! Your readers may offer suggestions or ask thought-provoking questions that will allow you to delve into the instrument further!

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How to Play an Instrument

Now that you know how to play an instrument and the benefits of learning how to play an instrument, it’s time to pick an instrument! You’ll be expressing yourself through music before you know it!

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