How To Mount Your New Dirt Bike Tires

Sooner or later, the day will come when you need to put on new dirt bike tires. After purchasing the best motorcycle cruiser tires around, you may think you need to take them to a mechanic to get the job done. However, with a little bit of practice, you can save yourself time and money by mounting them in your own garage.

Get Rid of the Old Tire

Once you take off the wheel, you need to deflate the wheel. You can remove the valve core, so all the air comes out. Next, you will need a socket or wrench to loosen the rim lock nut, which will allow you to break the bead. A tire stand will help you in this endeavor. You need to pop both sides of the tire to get it off entirely. With this, the old tire will be completely removed, and you are ready to put on your replacement tires for motorcycles.

Mount the New Tire

Before putting the new tire on, you should inspect the spokes and wheel in full to ensure there are no defects that would compromise your new tire. You can re-install the valve core and proceed to add air so that the new tire retains its shape. Sprinkle baby powder onto the interior of the new tire and apply soap to the beads. To mount the new tire, you should insert the valve stem to prevent the tire from moving too much. With your tire spoons, you can position the tire directly on the rim. You do not want to tighten the tire too much. The psi should be between 12 and 14.

Before you can mount new tires, you need to order them in the first place. You can find a wide selection of great motorcycle tires online, so purchase the best ones for your bike right away.

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