How To Make Money Off Your RV

If you’re an RV owner spending most of your days cruising the roads of the United States, you’re probably aware that there can be large camping and travel expenses. You may have learned strategies for obtaining food, fuel, safety gear, and emergency road equipment while saving money in your travel budget. The desire to maintain RV life and handle maintenance and camping costs may inspire you to take on new opportunities and side hustles for more income.

For instance, some companies, such as The UPS Store, provide franchise opportunities that can be great options for people interested in running their own business. Through various franchising opportunities, The UPS Store gives thousands of people the chance to be their own boss. Individuals from all walks of life like aspiring entrepreneurs, white-collar professionals, corporate leaders, retirees, veterans, and more can become business owners dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to small businesses and local consumers. Another lucrative way to advance your finances to make the RV lifestyle more comfortable and sustainable is to utilize your RV itself. Combine your love of traveling with your source of income and convert your RV into a business on wheels using the ideas and suggestions described below.

Run an RV Rental

Recreational vehicles provide flexibility and freedom, allowing people to drive and visit various places in the country whenever they want. Consider leveraging such attractive aspects of RVs and renting yours out to other travel lovers. An RV rental is a business that typically has few upfront costs, requiring you to list your RV on an RV or car rental site and post high-quality photos of it so prospective clients know what they’re renting.

Keeping your RV in great shape is crucial, so it’s best to invest in routine cleaning and maintenance services and make costly repairs as necessary. As RV repairs can cost a lot of money, getting RV coverage through options such as an RV extended warranty plan and RV insurance can be a good idea.

RV warranty prices can depend on RV manufacturers, RV model years, and full-time or commercial RV use. You could also pay more for an RV warranty if you purchase it through a coverage dealership instead of a warranty company. Additionally, you could pay a higher price if you want optional coverage like roadside assistance or consequential damage in your warranty plan. When seeking the best prices and right warranty provider for you, consider a warranty company such as America’s RV Warranty that understands that extended warranties and RV insurance are complementary but not the same.

Extended warranties can give RV owners peace of mind, as they protect them from unexpected repair costs. Insurance is RV coverage that encompasses accidents and physical damage, while extended warranties take care of breakdowns and mechanical failures resulting from everyday use. Ultimately, having RV coverage and a warranty enables RV owners to make the most of their recreational vehicles. Warranties enable RV buyers and owners to securely adjust to a traveling lifestyle and give others the same opportunities to safely and comfortably cruise the U.S. in a used RV that feels like a new RV.

Operate a Mobile Beauty Salon


For RVers with a cosmetology license, a salon on wheels could be a great way to use an RV for profit. Transforming your RV into a beauty shop could be a less expensive option than renting a chair in someone else’s salon or setting up inside a building.

Ensure the electricity, running water, and appliances in your RV function as they should, follow your state’s licensing requirements and sanitation and safety regulations, and you’ll be good to go. With top-notch hairstyling, manicuring, and pedicuring tools, and creative renovation and interior decoration, your mobile salon could take over the open road.

Living in unprecedented times has inspired many small business owners, experienced and new owners alike, to hit the reset button, transform their operations, or take on new ventures to survive during the pandemic. Working from the road in your RV can be a creative way to not only survive but thrive and make money doing what you love.

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