How to Learn Tableau: Best 5 Tips

There is no doubt in the fact that Tableau is currently the king of the business intelligence world and the market of data visualization. Anyone who deals with a large amount of data mandatorily has to use tableau for effective results and outcomes. With Tableau you can not only just do data visualization but also it works wonders in the field of data mining, data cleaning, statistics, and calculations. In other words, you can say tableau is Excel on steroids. With so many advancements, you can imagine how good is it to take up the career with tableau but like any other tool, it requires dedication and time.

Here is the list of 5 best tips to learn tableau, have a look at them below:

  • Follow the tableau community

The topmost in the list of top five tips is to follow the Tableau community. These tableau communities are filled with visual data artist hobbyist and data scientist. You can easily lean on these communities for any of the support and to get knowledge on the latest updates coming up in the tableau market. Two of the best tableau communities are:

  1. Reddit tableau community
  2. Tableau online help
  • Read the books

There are many good books available for tableau that can help you learn it in a much simpler and efficient manner. Some of the best options are as follows:

  1. Tableau your data! By Dan Murray

To get started with tableau, this book can be a perfect choice. The book comes with basic fundamentals and some advanced features as well.

  1. Communicating data with tableau by Ben Jones

This book is more of strategic and comes with better ways of thinking towards visualization of data. There are many hands-on walkthroughs available as well.

  • Dive into the data

Another best tip to learn tableau is by directly jumping into the data. You can take up the large data sets in order to produce wonderful visualizations and then analyze them. This will help you a lot in improving your skills.

  • Take up a training class

It doesn’t matter how many blog posts you read or how many videos you follow, someone is always required to fill up the gaps and take you through the entire course journey in a much simpler and procedural way. Taking up the tableau training classes, which can help you in reshaping your skills in a better way and in a shorter time period. The cost of these classes varies from somewhere around $13 to $6000 per day depending upon what you are hoping to learn.

There are many resources available at Udemy, O’Reilly’s Safari Books and Pluralsight etc where the training are being recorded by highly experienced instructors.

  • Tableau public

Last but not least is tableau public. It is a free tool that gives you access to the tableau and comes with same functionality as tableau desktop. With this, your files get saved on the web and are available to the public but you can use it for your practice and skills enhancements.

Follow these easy tips and you will definitely become a tableau master.

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