How to Hire the Right Staff for Your New Construction Company

If you don’t hire the right staff, your construction business is likely to go over budget and run behind on time. When you hire the right people, you are doing yourself a favor — even if you have to pay more to secure them for the position.

Turnover in your company can be expensive. You can decrease the amount of turnover your company experiences if you hire the right people from the beginning. 

Continue reading this article to learn how to hire the best people for the jobs you have available.

Figure Out Who You Need

One of the best hiring tips you can take from this article is not to start looking before you know exactly who you need. Needing a “good person” for the job is not enough to make sure you are looking in the right places and attracting the right people.

Determine what skills this person needs. Do they need a certification or a degree for the position you’re recruiting for? Are these new hires going to be temporary or do you want to offer them permanent employment with your company?

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

If you’re like most other companies, you often try to hire people when you’re desperate for help. When you’re in a bind, you’re not likely to make the best hiring decisions because you’re looking for a body to fill the seat.

Instead of only hiring when you’re in need of labor, always be hiring. It’s better to have more help than you need some of the time than to get caught in a bind and get behind.

Use All Your Available Hiring Tools

If you’re only using one or two hiring tools, you’re likely missing out on many qualified applicants. We understand that it can take some time to post job listings, advertise on the radio, television or using other methods. While it takes time to do these things, it is going to take you more time to search through pools of unqualified applicants.

Make Job Descriptions Highly Detailed

If you’re writing job descriptions that are vague, you’re wasting your time and the time of the people that are doing the job search. Saying that you need help in your industry is not enough.

You should have an in-depth job description and a separate listing for every position you’re hiring for. Make it easy for people to see themselves in the position you’re hiring for and you’re likely to get more people that apply for the position.

Use a Checklist for Hiring Purposes

Once you know what you want when you’re hiring, make a checklist. You can use it while you’re interviewing potential new hires. While you don’t have to make it obvious that you’re checking things off when you’re interviewing them, it will be very helpful for your records when you’re making decisions.

Build a Recruiting Pipeline

If you want to bring on the best people, you can do this by building a recruiting pipeline. Use sites like LinkedIn and events in your industry to meet people that might be interested in working with you at some point.

While people might not be actively searching for a job right now, they might be able to be swayed at a later date if the offer is attractive enough.

Ask for & Check References

If you aren’t asking for and checking references, you’re missing out on an important step. While references might seem like a formality, they are very helpful in gauging how dependable the applicant is and what kind of relationships they’ve been able to form.

Ask Out of the Blue Questions

Ask plenty of questions during the interview. Some of the questions you ask should be outside the norm so you can see how the applicant thinks on their feet.

Throughout some interviews today, you might even hear questions like — if you could be a superhero, what superhero would you be?

Tell People Why Your Company Is the Right Choice

When you find applicants that are desirable, know that other companies also find them desirable. You need to let them know why your company is the right choice for their career.

People don’t always make decisions based on money. Pay attention to the things the applicant has noted are important to them and show them how your company can fulfill those needs.

Maybe they’ve mentioned they like the company culture or the location of the job. Whatever it is that they see as important, showcase and drive that point home.

Consider Internships

Internships are a great way to test-drive talent. You can see if people are going to be a good fit for your company culture, what their work ethic is like and more.

Many students are more than happy to work in internships and love the learning experience they get when going through these programs. If the job is a good fit, they may even want to stay on and work with your company further.

The Right Staff Makes All the Difference

Now you know how to hire the right staff. Knowing how to hire the right people makes a world of difference and you’ll start to notice the benefits soon.

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