How to Get a Storage Container Like a Boss: 4 Pragmatic Tips!

Roughly 40 million Americans move every year. With those moves comes the need to transport and store things, which is why storage has become such a hot trend.

You’ve likely seen storage sitting in driveways in and around your neighborhood and have wondered what these mobile units provide, what they cost, and how to get one yourself.

While services and pricing vary from company to company, most mobile storage units work the same which is why we feel confident offering you guidance on how to get the most out of your dealings with them no matter which provider you choose to go with.

1. Understand What Most Units Offer

Before you run out and pick up a storage container, it’s important to understand what they generally offer. 

That’s not always the case, though, and isn’t for this post. 

What do mobile storage containers generally offer? In almost all cases, companies allow you to pay for a container on a monthly basis, and you house on them your property. Once in your possession, you can fill your container with anything you’d like and keep it for as long as you’d like.

If you want your container to move to an off-site storage facility or a new address, you’ll pay fees associated with those services. Make your request and your storage company would manage the rest.

2. Assess Your Needs to Get an Accurate Quote

Companies that are in the portable storage container business don’t offer flat rates for all of their services. Rates will always fluctuate based on things like your location, how long you hold onto your container, services you opt for, and your container’s size.

Take the time to understand all of these factors and do your best to manage your needs in a way that enables you to get the best possible pricing.

3. Pour Over Discount Offers

People that get mobile storage containers at the best possible prices do so by being diligent regarding special offers. We’ve seen multiple storage companies offer discounts to military personnel, discounts for first-time container users, and more.

Usually, special offers can be found on your container company’s website. It might also be helpful to give the company you’re thinking of working with a call to see what promotions they’re running.

4. Explore Hiring Help

Self-storage containers are very much DIY. That means the storage company won’t help you pack your things or do anything else other than dropping off your container and moving it.

Knowing that you’ll want to account for any additional expenses you may incur based on the assistance you’ll need to get your container loaded up.

Storage Makes for an Easier Way to Situate Your Stuff

Buying into the storage craze is justified in that you can store/move your stuff without having to transport anything offsite or operate a massive moving truck. Prices are low, transactions are contactless and ultimately, storage can save you a lot of stress when relocating.

We hope our pragmatic tips for getting a storage container help you feel confident about going that route and welcome you to read more helpful moving content on our blog.

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