How To Gain 3,000 Organic Followers Without Using Paid Traffic on Instagram

Huge Instagram followership is a highly sought-after asset. For a lot of people, it is a measure of how big a person is. Being an influencer can also be lucrative, if properly managed. There are so many perks to being an influencer on Instagram but the hard part is becoming one. How does one even get as much as 3,000 real free followers without having to spend a lot on adverts? This is what we are about to reveal to you. We came across this after an intense Insta search and study into the processes some influencers used. Insta Search is short for Instagram Search.

  1. Content: When people say content is king, do not attempt to doubt them. Don’t. Content truly is king. Without content, the journey to influencer status is almost impossible. You need to create good content, and constantly too, to become an influencer. Content can be anything; from videos to photos or just simple text made into images. Whatever you are creating, it has to be good for it to actually attract and keep people. When people go to their Insta Search section, they will find you in the explore section, if only your content is good enough. With consistency, the quality increases, traffic increases, and the destination get ever closer.
  2. Be Active: It doesn’t end with creating and posting great content. You have to actually be active and follow up. There might be comments, inbox inquiries and so much more. If you want to sustain your engagement, you must be active and attentive. When people comment on your posts and you don’t respond as you should (when you are not a real celebrity), you are indirectly telling them you don’t find their comment reply-worthy. They spend little time moving on as there are so many other people they can find in the Insta Search Explore section to engage with.
  3. Show the human behind the handle: Do not always be too professional, forward, and curt and business minded. It turns a lot of people off. Show the human behind the handle. Jokes, selfies, personal interactions. Just be a human being and do what human beings do.
  4. Commune in the true sense of it: Connecting with people on Instagram will help you a lot to grow. Take your interactions past business and get personal. Get into the DM (Direct Messages) and really talk to them. Ask about their day, their cat and so many other personal questions. Not trying to downplay the importance of Content, but most times, when people follow people and engage with other people on Insta, it is mostly because of their brand than it is because of their content (separating brand and content is a bit difficult). There would be offline events, meet-ups, and so many wonderful social gatherings; attend them. Get to meet these people offline and build a more personal relationship with them. When pictures of these events are posted online, it will show up on the Insta Search Explore section, and more people will discover you.
  5. Follow Back: If you are not a real celebrity, following Insta users that followed you back should not be an option—except in very rare cases. Human beings are naturally egoistical; not following them back will seem like you see them as unworthy. They won’t spend a lot of time in unfollowing you.

If you follow all 5 rules and stay consistent, rest assured you will hit 3,000 followers in no time.  


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