How to Find a Certified Financial Planner

There is some quality of financial planner. What a financial planner does is help your client discover your financial needs, analyzing past, present, and future circumstances, considering your assets, the taxes you pay, your family situation, your labor income and other investments you may have. Its function is not limited to advice and investment planning, but rather to shaping the client’s economic future and improving its relationship with money.

A professional financial adviser like Dwayne Rettinger has knowledge about economics, finance, markets (stock market, derivatives, real estate, etc.), is also an expert in insurance and has legal and tax knowledge. So their global proposals, take into account all these factors.

After the financial scandals involving traditional banking, financial planners are in financial advisory entities (EAFI). This figure appeared in 2008 by the National Securities Market Commission, to comply with the Community Directive and thus differentiate the services and capabilities of the different agents that exist in the market, separating the advice, sale and marketing of financial products.

Who needs a Financial Planner and How Much Does it Cost?

When we think about what a financial advisor is, we frequently associate it with the needs of large money investors. However, to have a financial planning is not essential to have large assets; it is only necessary to recognize the need to distribute well the capacity of savings and wealth, depending on our own situation, objectives, and needs.

Anyone with some concern in their finances is interested in saving more at home to have financial freedom; avoid big mistakes, like mortgages with floor clause; improve your level and quality of life in the different life stages, and finally, have peace of mind knowing that your savings are well managed.

In addition to this, and considering the economic situation of low-interest rates on deposits (and the rise in prices, the CPI), the conservative family saver not only does not get a profit but is losing money by having it in the account. All this means that we do not know which products or strategies are the most appropriate to make our money profitable.

The price of a financial planner is very variable. The remuneration of this type of professionals can come in several ways. The main one must be the payment or payment of fees by the client. A fee is paid for a punctual consultation or a heritage commission managed annually and even linked to objectives. It is something that is within reach of all pockets.

Contrary to what one might think, the main difference between an independent financial advisor and an advisor working in a bank is not that one charge for advice and the other does not. The bank’s advisor charges commissions for the “placed” financial products, only that these commissions are implicit, and not discriminate, in the cost of the financial product and the client does not see them.

The main difference is the independence of the financial advisor since he has no conflicts of interest when he recommends products because there are no commissions (should not) that are linked to his income, and if there are any, they are returned to the client, reducing the cost of your global bill.

Online Financial Planner:

We are witnessing a profound transformation of businesses as traditional as banks whose services are diversified while digitizing at breakneck speed.

After the excesses of the crisis, the European directives in the financial field seek to establish a differentiation between banks that market and banks that advise. The free financial advisers on the salary and dependents of a financial institution will legally disappear, and only the independent financial advisors will remain exclusively paid on behalf of the client.

However, the prices of the latter can leave out small and medium savers and investors who may be the big customers of tomorrow. It is an unattended market gap, which is beginning to be covered by technology-based emerging entities.

This is where the figure of the online financial planner like Dwayne Rettinger comes in. Thanks to the Internet and applications that simplify processes, customers can obtain financial advice online, quickly and at a low price.

Personal finance applications for web and mobile integrate many services, including direct access to investment strategies of professional managers and/or other individuals who want to share their investment ideas.

The number of investors and users who demand advice through the Internet is increasing as there are more and more.

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