How To Do A Daily Tarot Card Reading For Yourself

We all have the spiritual side of ourselves, whenever we try to make an important decision, or when we feel uncertain about something, that’s when we look for an answer from our spiritual side. If you are thinking of going to see fortune tellers, then we advise you not to. Most of the time, you will have to pay a decent amount of money for them. Instead, we recommend you see a Tarot reader. You could save a decent amount of money, and usually the reading is accurate. If you want to get an accurate and free tarot reading then you should visit this website to Get More Info

Now, if you want to read your own Tarot and you do not know where to start, this article will help you achieve that goal. 

First, you need to be in your comfortable surroundings. Meaning that you should create a surrounding that represents you. For example, if you love romantic scenery with candles then you should light some candles, have some romantic music playing. The reason for this is to help you get in a mood, and the surroundings will help you connect to your mental state, ultimately help you have a better read. Once you feel comfortable that is when we get to the next steps. 

Second, it is time to think of the question you want to ask. Only when your mind feels relaxed and comfortable, the question is revealed. Sometimes, the question doesn’t have to be specific at first. It could be a general problem in your mind, such as, Do I have a promotion coming up ? Do I get into a relationship with someone? Once you come up with the questions, make sure to note it down, to avoid forgetting them in the process. 

Third, you need to choose the right card spread for your question. Some common card spread options are Past – Present – Future; Situation – Action – Outcome 

;Option A – Option B – How to choose. You might ask: “Why can’t I just pick randomly ?”. The problem with random picking card like that could bring 

inaccurate reading. In case you are not familiar with the Tarot cards list, they are created with specific rules to follow to help you get a good read. So, it is best to follow those rules. We agree that not everyone is an expert at card spread. If you feel like you need more information, visit this website to see the easy to learn tarot spreads

Fourth, once you find your spread, it is time to lay out the card and see what it tells you. Minor notice before you lay out the cards, you need to shuffle them and think about the question you want to ask. There are a few ways to lay out the cards, usually this will depend on the spread. 

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Fifth, this is the part you have been waiting for. You will reveal the cards had been chosen and read the meaning behind it. Take into consideration the spread you choose, the anticipation before you flip the card. Read the meaning of the picture on the card and see what it tells you. If you don’t know what the picture means, you could visit this website to find out. Once you have all the meaning, write it down and we move on to the last step. 

Finally, gather all the notes you have written then see how it reflects your situation right now, or is it accurate with your past and how your future will play out. Especially for the future, you should keep reading to see how it reflects you in the upcoming weeks / months. If the reading for your future is not good, do not try to skew the result by having a re-read or intentionally swap cards. Instead, you should see how you can prevent it from happening, or what you could do to prepare for it. 

We really hope this makes your Tarot reading experience easier and more pleasant. 

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