How to Clean a Hoarders House: 5 Tips for Success

Cleaning a house is never fun. And yet the process of cleaning a hoarder’s house is especially loathsome.

For anyone who has never experienced the inside of a hoarder’s house, walking in for the first time can be completely overwhelming. There’s really no way to prepare yourself for the stench, decay, and sense of sadness you are likely to feel.

People who live in these conditions typically suffer from mental illnesses which causes them to feel severe anxiety at the thought of getting rid of any possession.

This article takes a look at how to clean a hoarders house even when it seems impossible. Keep reading to discover important insight into how to tackle this unpleasant process.

1. Assess the Situation

The first step is to assess the situation and then create a strategy for how best to proceed.

At this stage in the process, you need to keep in mind that hoarders lack the ability to think logically or to understand the state of filth that they’ve been living in. Thus you cannot expect them to cooperate or to be of any assistance.

Once you’ve been exposed to the house, you must act fast and make a serious of decisions about what to do with the person living inside even while you’re deciding how to deal with the mess itself.

2. Wear Protection

You should never enter a hoarder’s house without properly protecting yourself. The equipment you’ll need will include dust masks, disposable gloves, goggles, sturdy shoes, and hard hat for protection again anything falling on your head.

It’s also wise to have a fire extinguisher, repellent spray for pests, a flashlight, and a first-aid kit in case of injury.

3. Get a Dumpster

When cleaning a hoarder’s house, only a fool would attempt the process without first renting a Dumpster. You will be shocked by the amount of garbage you’ll remove from the house. You will use literally hundreds of garage bags, and the sheer volume will quickly become apparent.

The best strategy is to park the dumpster as close to the front door of the home as possible to provide easy access for those working in and around the house. 

4. Clean One Room at a Time

It can feel impossible to know where to start. So it’s best to focus on cleaning one room at a time. First, empty each room. Then once the house is empty, return to each room with cleaning materials.

It’s best to work from top to bottom, removing larger items like furniture first, then bagging everything else. Set aside any items that you believe are salvageable. 

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5. Repairing and Cleaning the Property

Once the house is empty of clutter, the property will require repairs and extensive deep cleaning. This will be a massively time-consuming process, so be prepared to invest lots of time and energy.

Remember to take plenty of breaks, because this will be a physically exhausting process, as well as mentally demoralizing. 

Important Tips for How to Clean a Hoarders House

Learning how to clean a hoarders house can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, the tips contained here can make the process a bit less stressful.

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