How To Boost ROAS For Ecommerce Stores

Are you running PPC ads for your eCommerce store? If yes, you might already be tracking metrics, like click-through rate, cost per conversion, etc. But what about ROAS? If you aren’t paying enough attention to the ROAS, you might be missing out on money.

If you want to make your online ad campaign successful, it is necessary to focus on boosting your return on ad spend. Below is how you can do it-

Improve Your Ad

If you are offering the most innovative product, and your ad copywriting isn’t much inspiring, you won’t get much success in your ad campaigns. So, you want to improve your ad copy. The best way to do so is to add social proof in your copy.

If you are running promotions and sales, convey urgency until the promotion ends. You can use a countdown timer customizer, create a catchy countdown, and embed it into your ad and landing page.

Consider Targeting And Retargeting

Be it Google Ads or Facebook Ads, target your marketing campaign towards the right audience. For this, you need to go beyond the basic demographics, such as location, age, gender, etc. In addition to this, focus on your audience’s interests, their buying behavior, or the brands they like.

To target your Facebook ads-

  • Use Facebook Audience Insights.
  • Use Facebook custom audiences so that your ad targets all the customers who visited the webpage.

Further, in order to target your Google ads, focus on in-marketing and affinity audiences.

Leverage POAS To Fulfil Your Advertising’s Full Potential

While ROAS has been used by the marketing managers to measure what is leading to conversions, POAS, or profit on ad spendis another key metric to focus on. 

Though this new metric digs more into numbers, it provides you with a useful overview of the campaign’s success. It offers-

  • Strong optimization at a product level.
  • Data-driven reporting.
  • Transparency for the stakeholders.

Optimize The Landing Page To Drive Conversions

If your ad is well optimized and tested, you will start getting visitors to your page. On the other hand, if your landing page is a mess, and the headlines, design elements are not consistent with it, it will ruin the customers’ experience.

Therefore, use simple headlines and informative text relevant to your ad. Create a compelling CTA and keep it clear. Have multiple landing pages to test their effectiveness.

Besides, if you have an eye-catching landing page optimized for conversion, it is necessary to check your landing page’s loading time.

Use The Right Keywords To Get The Right Audience

If you are struggling to get a god ROAS, it’s time to reconsider the keywords you are targeting. Don’t focus solely on keyword volume. They just tell you what keywords people search the most, but don’t tell that the people who searched these keywords are buyers.

Look for ‘buying’ or low-funnel keywords. Though the volume of these keywords is less, they have high buyers’ intent. As you want to improve your ROAS, it is essential to focus on getting more buyers with your ads.

Make Sure That The Message Is Consistent

Keep the content on your ad and landing page consistent. Suppose your ad says, ‘50% off special sales.’ In this case, your landing page should also convey the same message and nothing else, like ‘50% off on all products’, ‘items on discount,’ or ‘50% off flash sale.’

The reason why message-matching on your landing page to the ad is important is, it reduces the friction, giving your customers a better experience. 

Once your customer lands your page, you don’t want to make them feel confused if they redirected to the wrong page. Your goal is to make your customers start shopping immediately.

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