How Long Does Togaf Certification Take?

Togaf certification is one of such certification courses today that candidates are pursuing because organizations have started preferring such candidates who are highly qualified and also are experienced. Having a certification Togaf can offer individuals with basic knowledge about IT architecture and Togaf concepts. Also, having a certification of Togaf attached to the resume can help the individuals in impressing the interviewer panel in a much better way. When the certification is attached with the resume it gives out an impression to the recruiter that the candidate is highly qualified and is also experienced due to the practical sessions available in the training. 

Togaf is globally acclaimed and hence the organizations across the world are aware of the training schedules and the modules that the candidates go through while they prepare themselves for the exam. So, when an individual who is certified in Togaf comes up to such organizations, there is a high chance that these individuals will be provided a special preference as they are known to be qualified and experienced in the field that is enough to prove the efficiency and the skills of the individuals in the field of IT development. 

The Togaf Exam Certification

The certification of Togaf can be achieved in two different ways. One is by appearing in Part 1, that Togaf 9 Foundation exam and then appearing for the Part 2 Togaf Certified exam. Secondly, if the candidate is not ready to wait and pass the Part 1 exam and then go for the Part 2 exam, he or she can go for a combined exam where the test can appear for both the parts together. 

IT is a vast field and getting into it is something that many of the individuals dream of. If you are someone who wishes to get through a job position of IT architect or enterprise architect, one of the ways is to get a certification in Togaf. Togaf Part 1 is the Foundation level and the entry-level to Togaf certification. It trains the candidate with the basic concepts and terms of the IT architecture. After passing out the exam of Part 1, you can get the training in Part 2 that deals with the application of Togaf. Appearing for the exam of Part 2 and passing it finally offers you the certification in Togaf. There are also people who do not wish to waste much time and hence go for the combined test of Part 1 and Part 2.

The Togaf Certification Training

To appear the exam, there are a number of people who also consider having self-learning, but it is always better to go for a training session as it helps you in knowing about the nitty-gritty of the field and the certification. Also getting the training can also help you in getting prepared for the exam in the right way and this way there are high chances that the candidates can pass the exam in the first go and will achieve the certification soon. 

The training consists of theoretical details of the course that are supported well with the practical sessions. Also, there are other modes of training such as case studies, creating projects and completing assignments that help the individuals in understanding the topics and the details carefully and giving the exam properly. 

The quality of the training also depends on the faculties who are imparting the knowledge and the mentors who are guiding the candidates to get motivated and confident not just for the exam but also for the future jobs. 

Time Taken

The time taken for the training depends on a number of things such as the training center that has been chosen for the training. On average, the training should take place in between 1 to 4 business days or at the most 1 week. Also, there are a number of training centers that happen to offer more time duration for the training. The professionals who also need to attend offices do not have much in hand to devote to the training every single day. Hence, they wish to get much more days that 1 week. Many training centers let the individuals choose the time schedule for the training based on which the Togaf certification cost also needs to be paid. 

Though the time taken by the training is somewhere around 1 week or sometimes more depending upon the convenience of the individual, self-learning after the training is over should take much higher time. There are many candidates who may take up as much as 3-4 weeks time in getting prepared through self-learning. The self-learning can be done through the modules provided by the training center or also from any other books that are based on the syllabus of Togaf. There are also a number of other ways to get the self-learning process done such as going through materials online or also by attending webinars and others. 

Along with studying, preparing properly for the exam is necessary in order to pass out the exam in the first chance. Hence, it is necessary to practice model test papers of the exam on a regular basis. After you have completed the self-learning process, a great idea is to spend a week’s time at least in practicing the test papers. This is the time when you should do regular revisions of whatever you have studied and should make sure to have a good amount of practice with the test papers. Having a good amount of test papers will make you comfortable with the question pattern and will also help you practicing the time taken for answering the questions so that you are able to answer all the questions on time and in a proper way in the exam. Also, practicing the test papers may help in such a way that sometimes some of the questions may get common that you may get in your exam and this can be an advantage for you. 

Passing the Exam and certification

When you have appeared for the exam, it does not take much time to get the results and the certification. But the situation will be different if the candidate who has appeared for the exam is not able to pass it. There are many times when the candidates appearing for the combined tests of part 1 and part 2 are not able to pass the exam. This can be very much because of a lack of preparation. If a candidate fails, then he or she cannot appear for the test again for one month. The registration for the exam can be done after a month and then the exam can be appeared for. This should incur again the registration cost for the test. 

Togaf has become a necessity in many of the organizations to be a part of their team. The Togaf Certification Course is one of the most common choices of candidates today due to the benefits that anyone can get trained in it and after the certification; the candidates can enjoy a huge list of benefits. It is just that the right amount of time needs to be spent in preparing for the exam so that good marks can be scored and the certification can be earned in the first chance itself.

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