How Graph Search can change Search Engine Future

Zuckerberg has recently announced the Facebook Graph Search. This gives the users another advantage of searching social networks more pictures/images and restaurant recommendations. Since long, the search factor was one of the drawbacks of the website but now it will surely be of great help. Users have their hopes high and are looking forward for a more advanced and helpful search feature. For instance you can search for all the pictures that you have liked or places your friends have liked and you can also track how any of your friends like so and so celebrity. This is a highly customized and personalized search engine, like no other and interestingly represents unique ways of searching. This feature will totally change how search is done; it will present to you the detailed information of your friend rather than just a particular post.


Search engines like Google sort out pages that are closest to some keywords or are synonymous, but hardly any relative information is found on one page only. You will have to click thousands of links to gather information on one single topic. Unless someone has consolidated the information on one page you would have to browse through several websites. This process makes your search authentic but at the same time is time taking. Won’t it be simply wonderful if you find all that you need in one place, only? Face book will give you an edge of making your search more personalized and detailed at the same time.

Custom tailored database:

One cannot be very certain how things will be in near but surely everyone has their hopes high. They will be starting with a smaller group and then will be extended for the masses. Some of the doubts are that will your friends like enough brands to yield some useful data. People are prone to raise their concerns about privacy. In theoretical terms at least, Facebook graph search consolidates information over time and space as if it were again custom tailored giant database. This idea is more about changing how most people think about search. Google and other search engines can perform similar functions but on limited amount of domains only.


Will Google, Apple or Microsoft get their first? It might be too early to reach to any conclusions but it seems quiet probable that the next big step in search will be engines that can consolidate data across many pages but in open-ended ways. This will help search engines in understanding Social Media Marketing Solutions something rather than recognizing where something is written. Facebook Graph Search for now has a very limited approach but in future it will spread over the masses. It will tabulate how many of your friends liked a given restaurant. This is surely the next big thing coming up!

Evolution of search engines

It’s high time now that we should get over search engines and believe in research engines. The real revolution will take place when we have research engines, intelligent web helpers that can find out new things rather than finding what has already been written. Facebook Graph Search might not be near that good but it is a hint that greater things can be achieved in near future. This graph search has the tendency to gather all the personalized information that one might be looking for. Searching will be totally redefined once this comes into play. Remember it’s the golden era of technology we are living in.

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