How College Students Can Eliminate Distractions When Studying

Make no mistake –– college has a lot to offer beyond the classroom. Obviously, this is a good thing; students should experience new things and meet new people while at university. On the other hand, though, college life can also be very distracting. Indeed, there are so many things that can take a college student’s focus away from their academic goals. Thankfully, these five tips will help you overcome potential distractions and get your work done on time: 

Find a Sanctuary

Most college students have roommates. Sometimes people get along with their roommates swimmingly. Other times, things are a bit more acrimonious. Regardless of whether you love or loathe your roommate, they can be distracting all the same –– even if they don’t mean to be. Given that fact, it’s often a wise idea to leave your dorm room if you really need to knuckle down and knock out a project for a class. Head to the library, a nearby cafe, or even a lounge area on campus so that you can focus without interference. 

Turn Off Your Phone

It might sound crazy, but turning off your phone will enable you to pay attention to the task at hand. Log off of social media sites, tell your friends you’ll call them later, and set your smartphone off to the side. Trust us, it will only serve as a distraction. 

Prep for a Long Study Session

Everyone procrastinates from time to time. Yet, if you enter a study session unprepared, you’re much more likely to fall into bad habits than if you arrive ready. To wit, make it a point to pack everything you need –– like your laptop, notebook, textbooks, water, pens, pencils, etc. –– before you get started. What’s more, it’s a smart play to eat beforehand as well. This way, you won’t feel tempted to call it quits early so you can run off for a snack. 

Plan Around Big Events

Some college campuses are basically the size of small cities. In fact, a lot of college athletics programs have to order specialty barricades to direct traffic on game day –– such is the level of interest in collegiate athletics. The point is that some days around campus are busier than others. If you have an event or events you desperately want to attend, then do your best to schedule study sessions around them. By planning ahead, you won’t experience a harsh case of FOMO. 

Break it Down

Studying for eight hours in a row is a pretty daunting task. Instead of trying to cram a massive study session in before a big test, it’s preferable to engage in smaller study periods over a few weeks. Not only will your reading, writing, and retention levels improve when you afford yourself more study time, but you’re less likely to get distracted if you manage to address your coursework a little bit each day. 

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