How Citrix Printing Software Can Streamline Business

Printing needs in today’s business world are escalating as large companies depend on expedient printing results. It is no longer acceptable to simply email documents between numerous employees and take half a day to print halfway around the world. Web-to-print technology and digital printing needs are an escalating problem within large and small corporations. As companies become wary of storing all documents in one folder for dozens or hundreds of employees to access, with human error perhaps costing hundreds of hours per year, there are all-in-one solutions. One of the leading solutions to global corporate printing needs is Citrix terminal printing and their advanced networking capabilities.

By utilizing Citrix printing software, all documents routed through their network are converted into a pdf file. There is no need for various printer drivers between employees and half-way-around the world driver conflicts. The installation procedures are universally the same, cutting down on cost of installation, cost of incompatibility issues, and IT departments can literally speak the same language when all employees are connected through Citrix terminal printing procedures.

Using the Citrix/Microsoft offers ease of use and cost effectiveness across the board, including a virtual queue visible to all users connected via Citrix printing software. The queue shows all printing jobs on the network and the status of each job. For non-working printers in the network, a user can simply pass that printer and not hold up their printing jobs. The pdf conversion saves bandwidth as well, saving companies even more dollars to the bottom-line, dollars often not examined for savings potential. Compared to a website where one user uploads many documents for many employees to access and print, this one step option from Citrix is eons ahead of simple web dumping.

The Citrix terminal printing option also alleviates a great deal of security concerns. For one, the pdf option allows encryption to prevent outside intrusion and Citrix printing software comes with state-of-the-art password protection for users. IT simply keeps passwords fresh and updated over time and the cost savings are in the bag.

The simplicity of use, lack of numerous drivers freeing IT departments to speak one vocabulary, and with fewer interruptions, this is one option worthy of exploration. Falling behind the times on advanced printing options may be slowing companies more than realized simply in IT and error hours alone. To bag it together in one easy to utilize package seems an obvious solution to the often overlooked printing debacle.

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