Handing Out Medication Five Essential Apps

There’s little disputing the fact that the majority of medical-based apps are designed for physicians. However, according to Pharmacy Times, the number of apps tailored specifically to pharmacists is growing rapidly. While new apps are being added to the market on an almost daily basis, the old standbys are always available. Here are the five apps that should be considered by every pharmacist that owns a mobile device:


Not only is the app available at a variety of price points, it is compatible with the iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Palm platforms. With a user-friendly upgrade, the app is now easier to navigate than it has ever been. If you tried Epocrates in the past and gave it up, give it another try; you’ll like what you find. With customizable features and access to health plan formularies, a database of OTC medications and medical calculators, this is the must-have app for pharmacists. Often considered an oldie-but-goodie, Epocrates simply gets better with age.

2.Sigler Drug Cards

No matter how much education they receive, pharmacists can’t be expected to remember the name, color, dosage, indication, adverse effect and precaution of every drug on the market. Enter Sigler Drug Cards. This handy application can be a fantastic resource for both the pharmacy student and the licensed pharmacist. Instead of plastering pictures and posters throughout the pharmacy, this app allows pharmacists quick access to 300 of the most commonly prescribed drugs.

3.Monthly Prescribing Reference

This is truly an app for pharmacists by pharmacists. Edited by professionals in the field, Monthly Prescribing Reference offers pharmacists a way to stay up-to-date with the latest drug news and all-important safety alerts. Recall information is also included on this application that features no less than 30 medical calculators. With a database of over 4000 prescription and OTC medications, this is an all-encompassing application that simply needs to be installed on the mobile device of every practicing pharmacist.

4.Micromedex Drug Information

Available for Apple devices, this app made the best apps for pharmacists list in “Pharmacy Times” in 2011. One of the reasons that this app is considered a go-to is its ease of use. Rather than being cluttered with useless information, the app provides direct information with regards to prescription medications. Pharmacists can use the application to research trade and generic names, dosages for children and adults, adverse effects of medications and recent medication warnings. If you’re looking for a user-friendly application, you won’t find many better than Micromedex Drug Information.

5.OTC Guide App

Another app available for Apple devices, OTC Guide App is widely recommended by the pharmacists and other medical professionals who have purchased it. Color-coding makes searching for information quick and easy, while condition guides provide pharmacists with the information that they need with which to educate their patients. Priced right, at under $5.00, this app provides an amazing amount of information for next to nothing in the way of cost.

Pharmacists aren’t immune to technology. With a tablet or smartphone, these professionals and students of the craft have access to a world of information at the tap of a screen. While there are other applications available, these five are the best of the best; install them immediately.

Tasha Matsumoto writes for various sites on medical technology. For those with an interest in pharmaceuticals and distribution, the programs offered at the University of Florida and Creighton University can open the doors to a great career.

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