Guide to Choose the Right Domain Name for your Online Business: First Step to Success

The domain name you choose to represent your business online is one of the factors that determine the success of your business. People search for your business and products using the domain name. This explains why the task of choosing a domain name should be conducted with utmost care to give your business the first step towards unending success. Here are tips on finding the right domain name for your business.

1. Make use of short and memorable keywords capable of describing your website

Domain name is essentially the name of your website. This, therefore, means that you should choose a domain name that reflects the name of your company and is capable of describing products or services. Remember to keep the domain name as simple as possible to facilitate easy remembering as far as your clients are concerned. When it comes to the domain name, short is actually more preferable to eliminate challenges a prospective client may face when the typing the name on his or her browser. Generally, the best domain names are the ones whose keywords are similar to the name of the company.

2. Choose an English domain name

This tip is, however, applicable if your customers are in an English speaking country or a global audience. Just like in the first tip, people are easily able to remember English words, especially if that is what they usually speak. Using some other language might frustrate your effort to establish a successful online presence globally.

3. Domain name personalization

Who does not like personalization? Your clients will even thank you for this as results will be reflected in your profit statements. Sometimes two or more different companies may have the same name. To personalize your website and make it stand out from the next one, you may want to use a keyword with a synonym or even use geographical differences to stand out. Try and fix the location of your business somewhere in your keyword to bring out all the difference in your domain name.

4. Keyword extensions

These are also extremely valuable, and care must be taken when choosing an extension. Majority of people prefer using .com because they feel it is the most popular. Although this is actually the case, sometimes you might experience difficulties registering under .com. So what do you do? You can choose other top level domains that are increasing becoming popular such as .org, .biz or even .net. Besides gaining in popularity, these TLD’s also provide more availability for your chosen domain name.

5. Shopping from the secondary market

The supply of new domains is continually decreasing and, therefore, posing a challenge to people in search of the right domain names for your businesses. However, there is no point giving up because there is some hope after all. Why not shop in the secondary market? The secondary market is full of domain names that were purchased and abandoned which means that they are no longer in use. Look for the available premium domains in the websites of domain registrars. However, if you opt to follow this option, it is essential to note that it might cost you somewhere between $100 to above $1 million. The price is, however, dependent on the quality of the domain name.

6. Avoid symbols

Ensure that your domain name has a minimum of two characters and should not contain any symbols such as @ or #.  This rule is as simple as that; use the letters of the alphabet while remembering the benefits of keeping your domain name as short as possible.

7. Is your domain name taken?

If your domain name is already taken and you certainly do not want to let go yet, check the WHOIS information and find out if the domain owner can sell you the domain name. Some people are usually willing to sell their domains to willing buyers. However, ensure to be careful not to pay too much for the domain name. Conduct your personal research to determine approximately how much the domain name is worth. Ensure also to find out the reputation of the domain you are about to purchase. Failure to do so may cost your business hundreds or even thousands of customers.

Although not a comprehensive list, these tips should help you choose a domain name that will rightfully represent your business on the internet.


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