From Aloha to Applications: 6 of Hawaii’s Best Mobile Apps

Whether you’re planning the vacation of a lifetime, or if you call Hawaii home, there are so many things to see and do in this beautiful island state. Between entertainment, travelling around the islands, documenting your trip and experiences and keeping track of the weather, there are smartphone apps to help you sort through it all. Here are a few key apps to keep on hand as you navigate around the bustling world of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Rainbow Music Radio

Turn on Internet Hawaiian Rainbow Music Radio and expand your horizons so you can experience the simplicity of Hawaiian music and poetry.

This resource is a great way to get in touch with traditional Hawaiian music. You can download the app to your iPhone or your iPod touch, or you can access it online via your computer. It’s especially helpful for businesses who want to give guests a real taste of Hawaii — all that’s needed are a business phone and internet package, the proper device, and a decent sound system for businesses to take advantage of this app.

Hawaii Aloha

The Hawaii Aloha app is a great resource to help you understand and appreciate the beauty of Hawaii from an insider’s perspective. Download this app, and you’ll have a more comfortable experience while you’re in Hawaii. It’ll help you learn ins and outs of Hawaiian culture and historical importance. It’ll be leaps and bounds more helpful for guiding you around than any magazine or blog post ever will.

Photoshop Express

Visitors and residents alike will all attest to the constant procession of photographic moments that happen all over Hawaii. You’ll be taking pictures constantly, so you’ll want a way to efficiently edit those photos before you share them with your friends and family. Photoshop Express is a free option that is perfect for doing basic editing tasks, such as cropping unnecessary parts out of your photos and rotating to straighten horizons.

It also serves as a way to store your edited photos, as well as the originals. It’s available on both Android and Apple products, so no matter which device you use, you’ll be able to edit those sunset photos with class.

Hawaii Weather Now

There’s not many things that can happen on your vacation or long weekend than to plan a day at the beach, only to be rained out. Gloomy days in paradise are the worst. Avoid being let down by first checking your Hawaii Weather Now app for either iPhone or Android. It features a responsive interactive radar map, a patent-pending Road Weather index, fully integrated GPS for location accuracy, and the most accurate 10 day forecasts in all of Hawaii.

Forecasts are provided with daily and hourly frequency. You can save your favorite locations and check the weather for your destination before you leave the house, too.

Hawaii Revealed

Instead of stocking up on travel and guidebooks, download one of the Hawaii Revealed apps. Each of the four apps converts the award winning guidebooks into an interactive app, complete with GPS to enhance your travel experience. The featured apps are Hawaii: The Big Island Revealed; The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook; Maui Revealed; and Oahu Revealed. Check one or all of them out before venturing out into the great land of surfing and exploration.

Hawaii Guide Me

Last but certainly not least, the Hawaii Guide Me travel app will help you find the most wonderous waterfalls on the islands, along with the most trendy nightclubs, the tastiest restaurants, and most interesting dive bars. This app provides GPS directions to each location, and will even present coupons as you explore. The best part? It’s absolutely free.

The next time you’re in Hawaii, be prepared to have the time of your life, and remember to use these apps to help you sort through it all. If you live in Hawaii or are spending time here on business, they will help you to acclimate to your new environment, and you’ll feel at home in no time. Which apps do you find most helpful around here? Please share your favorites in the comments below.

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