Four Reasons Why PDF Is So Popular

Adobe revolutionized the file sharing industry by introducing a path-breaking format called PDF. The PDF format was initially tested on the college students, but the massive response it got paved the way for a global reach. Today, most offices worldwide use PDF as their de facto mode of file transmission. 

Also, all the documents on the search engine today are in PDF format only. Moreover, this format is a blessing in disguise for upcoming businesses and small-scale entrepreneurs. But why is PDF so viral? Let’s look at five reasons behind PDF’s immense popularity. 

Universal accessibility

Adobe just observed the underlying issues with file transfers and accessibility and resolved them. This is the reason that PDF went viral. Before the PDF days, file accessibility was a headache because of multiple operating systems. 

Some tools that were compatible with Windows were not compatible with Linux or iMac and vice versa. Therefore, before sending out a file, one had to ensure that the receiver’s system was equipped to handle the said file. 

However, PDF resolved this headache by providing an OS-independent format that can work. So, people can now transfer files without worrying about compatibility. 

No paid application required

OS-specific file formats require the concerned application to access the content. For example, to access a Word file, you must have MS Word installed on your system. Some of these niche applications are paid, and you may have to spend a fortune to access some tools. 

Even the concerned file does not open properly if you do not have the premium version of the application. But, all these complications do not apply to the PDF files. These files can easily be opened from the browser. 

You just have to ensure that your stock browser supports PDF files. Just click on the concerned file, and a browser window will pop up automatically with the content information. Free accessibility is one of the primary reasons that PDF format is so popular among students. 

Content Information Protection

PDF format is designed for read-only purposes. This is the reason behind strict editing options on Adobe. The reason behind this design is to maintain the creator’s originality and allow minimum hampering. 

However, some of the advanced PDF editors allow you to make basic changes in the document like adding a text box, highlighting a text, etc. With other editable formats, it is easy to edit the original document if you have the requisite application. 

This leads to content alteration, and the final receiver may not get the document in the intended format. Therefore, PDF is a great way to secure your content information and convey your document safely to a huge number of recipients.

Universal editability options 

PDF files can easily be converted to any other format to get access to exclusive editing tools. For example, you can convert your file from Word to PDF to access all the tools available in MS Word. 

Similarly, you can change your file to other extensions too to make changes in any way possible. A PDF editor allows you to convert the concerned file with a click, thereby saving crucial time.

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