EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free-Best software for file recovery

Here, if you are pondering for while about the best free software that can keep a backup and recovery files of all types, then you have hit the right place and here we are going to discuss the best recovery software that will never let your files get deleted from your system.

What is EaseUS software?

The potential software that comprises all in one free data recovery tool and can easily help your lost files, pictures, documents, videos to get restored with a blink of an eye. Whether you are facing issues with a virus attack or you are looking to upgrade your system with the software, you will not live with the fear of losing your files even if you switch to the new system.

Characteristics of the software

  • Allows recovery of deleted files
  • Even if the disk is formatted there is no fear of losing the data on it
  • Offer recycle bin empty recovery
  • Lost partition recovery
  • Allow you to access to your corrupted data even if your hard disk is damaged
  • Virus attack recovery

How can you recover your data with minimal steps?

As you have already been discussed the features of the software and the fact that the software will let you recover your files in the fastest way, here in this section you will be discussed three simple steps of the software that allows you to recover your data.

Fast and simple recovery

  • You can complete the total recovery process in just 3 simple tricks and is one of the fast and effective steps as well
  • With fast and simple recovery process you can restore all your files get into your system
  • You need not have any recovery experience to deal with the entire process

What are the files that the software can restore?

Whether you have deleted any document file or video file or issues in an email file, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can aid you in restoring a thousand types of files in a fraction of second. All type of files such as document, graphics, videos, audios, email as well as other files like HTML, archives can be restored with the help of the software. With its effective tool and robust features, the software has become a utility tool in all offices as well as for personal purposes.

Various plans of the software

If you are willing to buy the software then you can visit the website and look at the various plans offered by the wizard. If you do not like to explore many features of the software and do not have much work to do then you can choose the free plan offered by the software.

Other plans of the software include the Pro plan and Pro Win-PE plan. However, if you wish to explore the various features offered by these premium versions of the software then you can seek after the trial versions before you purchase the plan for your system. The free version of this application might cost around 70 US dollar-100 US dollars annually.

How you can recover 2GB of data for free with the free version of the application

Basically, with the help of a free version of this application the user gets to recover only 500 Mb of data. However, upon applying tricks, you can expect to extend the limit to 2GB wondering how? All you have to do is to share this information on Facebook and Twitter so that you can recover 2GB data for free.


Whether you are looking for recovery software for your business needs or your purpose, EaseUS can cater to your needs as it comes loaded with attractive features that can simply help you recover any files in seconds.

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