Earn a Salary at Home: 5 Remote Jobs for Moms (or Dads!)

Being a mom or dad who stays at home all day to raise your children feels like a job in itself but doesn’t come along with a paycheck.

If you’re a stay at home parent who is looking for a way to make money while raising your children, then you’re going to have to find the perfect remote job for you. A remote job lets you spend time with your children while also bringing in a paycheck to help support them. 

How do you go about finding remote jobs for moms or dads? 

Keep reading for our guide on five of the best remote jobs for stay at home parents like yourself! 

1. Freelance Writer

Remote writing jobs are perfect for anyone who loves writing and there are plenty of them on the internet. Moms who want to be a freelance writer will work with clients to create content for a number of different resources. Whether it is for the client’s website, a blog, or for social media. 

Moms who freelance have the freedom of creating their own schedules. You will be working with a client and need to accommodate their deadlines but you can work whenever you want too. 

2. Virtual Assistant

Another one of our favorite remote jobs for stay at home moms is a virtual assistant. You could be working for another individual, a company, or a team that needs administrative support. They might even be across the country! 

There are tons of different tasks that administrative assistants can do virtually. Whether it is handling emails, social media accounts, managing calendars, arranging travel accommodations, planning events and so much more. 

3. Graphic Designer

Are you very creative but didn’t think you had the time before? One of the best remote jobs for new moms is becoming a graphic designer

During nap times, let your creative juices flow and work on some graphic designs. Remote graphic designers work on creating full web pages, visual concepts, or even logos for businesses. 

4. Health Coach

If you’re looking for part-time remote jobs as a stay at home mom, then a health coach could be the perfect fit. Especially if you love the art of a good diet and working out, then crafting the perfect schedule for someone else could be a good fit for you. 

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5. Travel Agent

Do you love spending hours researching a location and planning the perfect itinerary for a trip? If so, then becoming a travel agent could be one of the best remote jobs for you. 

Many people turn to travel agents when they want to go somewhere without all the hassles of planning. You would be the person to figure out the flights, hotels, and all the fun stuff!

Remote Jobs for Moms (Or Dads)

There are plenty of remote jobs for moms and dads out there but finding the perfect one for you can be tough. You need to figure out what skills you have that you can use while also taking care of and spending time with your children. 

Luckily for you, there are tons of parents who manage to work from home and still take care of their kids. You can do it too! 

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