Don’t Go Unprepared: 8 Ways that a Solar Generator Can Help You in a Pinch

In countries all over the world, ballooning populations and inclement weather routinely leaves millions without power. While most people would like to think that governments are going to reinforce electrical grids quickly enough to outpace energy demand, the reality is that energy’s future, both domestically and abroad, is dicey.

That realization has led millions of people to be proactive in ensuring that they’re never without power by purchasing a solar backup generator.

Solar backup generators may not be the first generator type that you’re considering, especially since propane and diesel generators tend to be more popular.

In this post, we make a case as to why solar should be your go-to generator technology by sharing with you eight ways that solar can be uniquely helpful.

1. Solar Generators Can Give You Power When Infrastructure Fails

The biggest advantage that a solar backup generator has over other generators is that they are not reliant on external infrastructure.

For example, a natural gas generator needs your property’s gas lines functional in order to generate power. If a natural disaster were to strike and gas services were disrupted, you’d be left helpless.

Likewise, diesel generators rely on gas stations being operational and selling fuel. If a disaster puts gas stations out of commission and your diesel stores run dry, your generator would be worthless.

A solar power generator relies 100% on the sun. So long as it’s shining, you can keep the things that matter most to you working.

2. They Can Power Your Life While Upholding Your Eco-Standards

If the environment is something that’s important to you (and it should be) there is no better way to generate backup power then through solar energy. If you optimize your energy usage you can go off the grid and minimize your carbon footprint.

Diesel and natural gasses put pressure on our planet’s finite resources. Solar power doesn’t.

It may not seem like one person’s choice to opt for sustainable energy can have a huge impact on the planet. Believe us when we say though that one person can make a difference.

3. Solar Serves As a Teaching Tool

In a perfect world, you’ll never have to use your backup generator to protect you in the event of a disaster. If that perfect world ends up being your reality, at the very least, you can use your backup generator recreationally to turn your family onto the power of the sun.

Showcasing the sun’s power as a teaching tool in a pinch can inspire new generations of people to be open-minded when it comes to how they power their lives.

4. Solar Generators Can Power Your Wilderness Adventures

When you’re in the middle of the woods and need power, where do you turn for help? For most campers, the answer is propane.

While propane is a functional means of generating power in remote locations, propane is also flammable and prone to explosions. Given the increased rate in which we’re seeing wildfires, this form of fuel is increasingly becoming an energy medium that is best avoided in forest settings.

A solar backup generator not only has the ability to provide the same reliable energy as propane but does so without the possibility of ruining ecosystems.

5. Medical Equipment Can Be Kept Safe During Blackouts

When a blackout occurs, few things require more attention than your family’s important medical equipment. Whether it’s a breathing machine or medicine that needs to be kept cold, no matter what’s causing your blackout, solar energy can be relied on.

6. Solar Generators Help Economically Strained Families Obtain Peace of Mind

One of the biggest pinches that backup energy seekers find themselves in is that they can’t afford a backup generator. Fortunately, solar is one of the most researched and invested in forms of technology out there. That interest from the science and business communities has led to solar technology’s price falling over the years.

There are several great resources, like and other educational forums, that can help you discover what the best solar kits are and how affordable they can be.

7. Solar Energy Will Keep Your Food Fresh

A short blackout can have long-term effects if you’ve just stocked your refrigerator. Food spoils quickly if not kept at an appropriate temperature which could set you back hundreds of dollars if your fridge/freezer loses power.

More grave than money losses is the prospect of losing valuable food during a long blackout which could put your family in a dangerous position.

With a solar backup generator, as sure as the sun will rise in the morning, your food stores will be kept safe.

8. Solar Power Can Keep Your Family Calm in the Face of Adversity

One of the most important things to maintain when disasters strike is a sense of calm. A solar backup generator makes keeping your cool a whole lot easier.

Ask yourself, how well would your family cope if your power grid went down and you were forced to live in the dark with rapidly spoiling food for days? Probably not well.

Solar means that you can maintain a semblance of your normal life even when abnormal conditions rear their heads.

An Investment in a Solar Backup Generator Is an Investment in Your Future

No form of generator better secures you when adversity strikes than a solar backup generator. Whether you need to keep your food safe in a blackout or need a teaching tool to cultivate a new generation of solar-conscious people, solar generators have you covered.

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