Does a Shiny New Roof Boost Your Home’s Value?

Many of us today are looking for new ways to give our homes a bit of a boost in the market and increase our equity. A common approach is to consider redecorating, a lick of paint always makes things appear fresher and brighter than before, with the added benefit of being cheap. But does something as simple as painting the walls really make that much of an impact?

If your house is dated and in need of fresh décor, then the answer is yes. Clearing out that old furniture from years gone by and changing the colour scheme can really bring your home into the 21st century. However, if your house is already up to date, then you need to think bigger.

Perhaps a new bathroom? Maybe a kitchen with integrated appliances? Some fancy landscaping in the garden? A lick of paint for the front door?

The first thing anybody sees when visiting your property is the outside. Your house is visible from the pavement as prospective buyers approach, and the driveway as they park up and consider what it would be like to live there.

Landscaping the garden is an excellent idea, but if you want something that will really stand out and make your home somewhere that prospective buyers really remember, consider a new roof.

One Of The Best Ways Of Boosting Your Home’s Value

A property with a leaky roof and loose tiles is a nightmare for anyone considering your house as a prospective purchase and it certainly brings down the valuation.

A leaky roof is one thing, but the damage that can be caused by a leaky roof is something else. You might not know your roof leaks until it’s too late. Every time it rains, a little bit more damp gets in through those old tiles and into the attic. The first time you know about it is when the patch of damp appears on your bedroom ceiling and then you need the roof fixed, the damp sorted and a new ceiling in your bedroom. Doesn’t sound appealing does it.

A new roof gives the estate agent confidence that you take care of your home, and that there won’t be those hidden problems left for the next owner or a pricey insurance claim waiting to happen.

Installing a new roof doesn’t have to be a difficult or really expensive task. Choose a reputable company who will talk through the process with you. There are so many different options for roofing now from tiles and colours to different styles of slates.

Give your house a face-lift with a new roof from a reputable builder, and see the value rise. Not only will your house stand out from every other property on the street, but you’ll benefit from the peace of mind that your new roof is covered under guarantee so should if the weather takes a turn for the worst you can sleep happy knowing your new roof is holding tight to its tiles, keeping the rain out and protecting you and your family from the elements.

And all the while, your home is increasing its equity, so it’s protecting your finances too. It’s a win win! 

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