Do Not Play Rummy for Money If You Have These 5 Things in Your Mind

The aspirational goal of any rummy player is to be successful at cash games and tournaments. Apart from challenges, the real attraction of rummy lies in the infinite and irresistible opportunities available to win cash rewards at the games. Though skill takes precedence in online rummy game, there are still many people who harbor irrelevant and unrealistic things about rummy in their minds.

Even before you take the plunge for playing rummy games for real money, here’s a word of caution. Do not play rummy for money if you’re imagining these things about the game.

  • Luck Can Help You Win

This may be true with some other games, but not with rummy. Unlike other card games, rummy is not dependent on chance. It requires mental skills like concentration, memory, logical thinking and decision making to be successful. If ever, you entertained the thought of charting a successful journey in rummy with the luck factor, then prepare yourself to face disappointment and nothing else.

  • Making Rummy Your Primary Income

Indian Rummy is like any other game that you play. It also has its fair share of wins and losses. But, if you’re a planning to make rummy as your primary source of income, then it is definitely not a sane decision. You may undoubtedly win cash prizes at cash games, but depending on rummy as your primary source for earning money will bring more problems than you can imagine. Hence, any income earned from rummy games should always be treated as an extra income.

  • Expecting To Win Always After Initial Success

If you ever have the thought in your mind that an initial success will assure you continuous win at a game of Rummy, then think again. Rummy is a skill game. Each game is different. You’ll need to come up with different strategies in order make your moves successful at the game. Hence, relying on your initial success will lead to disappointment. Also, regular playing alone will help you develop your skills effectively.

  • Planning To Chase Losses

Perhaps, another thought that you may harbor is to make good of the monetary losses that you may have incurred due to a couple of failures at rummy. Winning and losing are part of any game for that matter. Rummy is no exception in Indian rummy game rules. Even the most skilled rummy player is completely in agreement with the fact that it is not a wise decision to chase for losses at the games; rather, rework your strategies and approach the game with a new outlook, which is when success will follow you automatically.

  • Conspiring For Unfair Means Of Play

Last but not the least, if ever you plan to win by unfair means, god forbid, that will spell the end of your rummy journey. Conspiring to win by fraudulent means or colluding with other players to have an orchestrated win, will all lead to great trouble. Rummy websites have stringent anti-fraudulent and anti-colluding policies in place which never leads such players to succeed in their devious intentions.


Let rummy be a game that lets you test your skills, have some entertainment and also let it fetch you some good rewards.

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