Do I Need a Water Softener for My Home Water System?

Hard water is defined as water above 17.1 mg/L of “hardness”. Do you live in an area with hard water? The USGS survey reports that up to 85% of Americans have hard water!

The logical next question is: Do I need a water softener? The answer to that is a personal one, as many factors go into it above and beyond hard science. Of course, science can give us information and help us make decisions, but it isn’t everything.

Health, comfort, environmental concerns, and saving money are all factors for us to think about when deciding to install a water softener.

Keep reading for answers to all of these issues.

Do I Need a Water Softener for My Health?

Yes, and no. Water that is too hard can cause dry skin and hair, which no level of special dandruff shampoos can help.

The biggest contributors to hard water are calcium and magnesium, and soft water uses sodium or potassium. These minerals are needed for our bodies to function. Regardless, the WHO recommends anyone considering getting a salt-based water softening system to get a checkup and let your doctor know.

It is generally accepted that hard water will not hurt you in normal circumstances. Neither should soft water since the sodium intake from drinking a gallon of treated soft water is often lower than even a can of soda or a slice of bread.

If it is still a concern a reverse osmosis system can solve it and might be a good idea anyway.

Did You Feel That?

Let’s face it, we do most things in life for pleasure or comfort, softening our water is no different. Soft water just feels good.

Hard water can feel scummy and doesn’t lather soap as well as soft water. However, overly soft water can be just as uncomfortable with a  “slimy” feel after soaping. It’s important to get the right balance to the hardness of your water.

All or nothing doesn’t work well in this scenario.

Not So Green

One of the biggest drawbacks of soft water is that waste can cause problems for the environment. If you have a septic system, the higher water usage could overload it, and your drainage yard could flood. In an area prone to drought, it might even be illegal.

Make sure to check your local laws.

Saving Some Green

The upfront cost of soft water systems, like kinetico water softener systems, can be high. Soft water can also save our appliances like dishwashers and washing machines a couple of years on their lifespan, which saves you money.

A short list includes: 

  • Higher efficiency for heating water
  • Pipes that don’t clog and burst
  • Buying clothes and bedding less often
  • 50% reduction in soap and detergent

With all these benefits it’s easy to see the long term savings.

Water Softener: Now You Know

Do I need a water softener? It’s still something you need to find out for yourself, but this article is a useful guide to weighing the pros and cons. Remember to make sure to check your local laws for what is allowed or not.

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