Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses find themselves in a bit of a Catch 22. In many ways, taking advantage of digital marketing is even more useful for a small business than for a large and well-established brand. At the same time, it can be hard for small businesses to find the help them need. Help is available, however, and there are a number of tips that any small business can follow to improve their position.

Use ads manager

If you use Facebook, and chances are you do, you should be using Ads Manager. This is a free Facebook management tool that works best if you use Google Chrome to manage it. It will take a bit of work to use it effectively, but if you’re willing to put in the time, you will be able to reach a significant amount of potential customers.

Optimize LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile makes a huge difference in the way that people perceive you. It might take some professional help to make this a reality, but putting your company’s strengths in just the right way and highlighting your skills can be an effective way of drawing in new customers. Moreover, the LinkedIn profile will help you boost strategies of digital marketing in a recession to help you with the continued flow of work.

Get professional help

Speaking of professional help, every small business should have some teams outsourced to professionals. You probably cannot afford to have your own digital marketing department, but you can and should invest in your future. Straight Marketing LLC has a lot of experience helping small businesses get their name out there and improve their market position.

Use Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are another effective way of promoting your brand without spending too much. Target your tweets to people who follow your competition and reach out to influencers who might be helpful to your brand. Twitter ads can be as cheap as a cent or two per click, which offers a great ROI.

Differentiate yourself

The way to stand out from the crowd is to research your competition and see where you can fill a niche they are missing. A quick Google search is often enough to show you how your competitors are positioning themselves. Once you see what they’re doing, you are positioned to figure out how you can offer something slightly different.

Optimise for mobile

Google gives priority to websites that are optimized for mobile, so one way to stand out from the rest is to make sure your site works beautifully on mobile devices. While you’re at it, use Google’s PageSpeed to see how quickly your site is loading.

Work on your Google business listing

Google is a major player, so having a good Google business site can really help you as a business owner. Google My Business gives you some control over what you and your brand present to the world. At the least, make sure you don’t have any duplicate listings or have added promotional messages to your business name.

Respond to reviews

A bad review can break your business while a good review can draw customers to your door. It is important to get out ahead of bad press, and addressing reviews as soon as they come in is an important way of signaling that your company is on the ball and cares about customer issues.

Have an interesting blog

If you don’t know already, regularly refreshed blog content is an important way of ensuring your site gets a good ranking in searches. This is especially true if you are in a competitive industry and working hard to rank high in Google searches for your area and keywords.

If you’re struggling with how to position your small business and make the most of opportunities in digital marketing, the smart move is to get professional help to help you find the best and efficient marketing strategies.

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