Can Online Gaming Help Overcome Social Anxiety?

There are many new, creative tactics people are using to relax and improve their mental health, especially during such a stressful time. However, it can be difficult to know which activities and resources will help when you’re trying to alleviate some of your social anxiety. Video games have emerged as one possible tool to help with social anxiety. A console or PC setup allows you to spend hours playing with your friends online. Staying connected this way has been incredibly helpful throughout the global pandemic, which suggests there could be a role for gaming in our future connectivity. If you or someone you care about suffers from social anxiety, keep reading to learn more about whether or not online gaming may be able to help.

How can you get into online gaming?

If you’ve never played games online with your friends before, you might be a little intimidated. There are many online games, ranging from shooters like Call of Duty to puzzle games like Among Us. For those looking to play with friends, team games are often a good place to start, as they provide the opportunity to work cooperatively and play together rather than fighting against each other. While parents may see gaming for hours as unproductive, it’s important to realize how social of an activity it can be, especially when all of us are spending more time at home.

League of Legends is arguably the most well-known online game right now, and it’s perfect for groups of friends to play together online as teammates. There’s a lot to learn for games like League of Legends if you want to get good. For instance, it’s important to understand the different roles on a League team and which champions are best to play each role. Getting started is as easy as searching “how to Jungle LOL,” and you can learn how to be an elite jungler on your League team. If being a jungler doesn’t appeal to you, there are various other roles you can take on too. Communicating effectively and playing with a team of champions that work well together are the keys to victory in League.

Can gaming help your mental health?


When it comes to the intersection of gaming and mental health, research suggests that video games can have a positive impact. One benefit of video games as a mental health tool is that they’re easily accessible and affordable for millions who may not have access to other therapeutic resources. One study indicated that video games specifically showed “great promise” as a resource for those suffering from depression and anxiety. Video games may not be a miracle cure on their own, but they could be a valuable part of a larger treatment plan.

Mental health retreats are another option for those who need help with their health, wellness, and relaxation. Spending a day entirely focused on therapy and healing is incredibly valuable for those who seek to make progress with their mental health issues. For some people, removing the distractions of daily life is the best and sometimes the only way to truly focus. If you think a mental health retreat could benefit you, it’s a good idea to talk to your therapist about what your best options are.

Like anything else, online gaming can be unhealthy when done in extreme excess. However, as a hobby, it can have material benefits for gamers both socially and developmentally. Games like Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite, and Among Us make it easy for you to play with your friends no matter how far away you are. They can also help you improve your mental acuity in a variety of other ways. If you’ve been considering getting into gaming or giving online play a shot, consider firing up your PC and seeing which of your friends might be up for a game. While it’s important not to go overboard, online gaming can help many people connect socially with their friends and engage in a stimulating and entertaining activity.

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